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Want to know more about Jade? Then you have come to the right place.

Jade created Jade’s Journey back in 2013 as a way of helping herself get things of her chest. She began by writing a few posts about her eventful life, it was the outlet she needed to feel human. What began as a hobby that is now becoming something more, covering topics on Parenting, Domestic Abuse, Rape and aspects of her health.

So who is Jade?
Jade is a strong willed mother of two who lives a semi-stressful life in Yorkshire, she has a very supportive FiancĂ© who often contributes to the blog. They share their home with an aging border collie called Rosie, two rabbit’s and a bunch of fish. If you were to meet Jade you would notice that she doesn’t have much of a Yorkshire accent, in fact her accent isn’t something you can pinpoint to a location as she was brought up in the Armed Forces and has a adopted what is called a bad prat accent. Jade is quite the introvert, but she is trying to break out of her comfort zone. She is enjoying finding herself, and is already discovering new strengths and really looks forward to uncovering more.

As a family you can normally find them out and about somewhere it could be a trip to the beach or a walk round the local woodlands. When it come’s to parenting Jade is very passionate about keeping her children in touch with ‘real life’ making sure they get plenty of time to explore life away from a screen and learn a skill. 

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