A Two Year Old's Wish List
At the end of this month my daughter turn's two. This past year has flown by and we have watched our daughter turn into a funny. smart and argumentative little girl. Eryn is pretty independent but also a mummies girl. With her birthday being just weeks away we have had so many people ask what to get her so I thought I would create this post because apart from anything branding Peppa Pig's face what do you get a two year old? more

Sweet Pup's Review 

Children just love to collect thing's from pine cones, shells, toys and stickers just to name a few. If your child loves to collect thing's then they might like these collectable soft plush toys Sweet Pups. Sweet Pup's is a collection of 12 sweet pastry treats which transform into cute little puppies and if that wasn't sweet (pun intended) enough they are also more 

18 Summer's 
Time goes far too quickly and apparently it goes that quick that we only actually get 18 summers with our children! which for me means I have 13 left with Jared and 16 left with Eryn. It wasn't until I read that that I realised how precious time is and how I need to make more memories with them before they get to the point where they don't want to anymore. Below is my list of 18 wishes of what and how I want to spend those 18 more

Phonic's Screening

If you have a primary school aged child you may have heard a lot of talk about phonics, maybe even homework? Jared is in Year 1 so I'm relatively familiar with them but I have needed a bit of extra help to get my head round what they are and what it's all about. Clearly I wasn't the only one as his teacher held a phonics group for us parents to attend, the purpose of the lesson more
Gro Clock Review
Getting your toddlers to go to bed can be tricky, they need a drink or they are hungry then there is the "can I just have 5 more minuets". If you have a child like mine you have a battle on your hands. We get snuggled in our jim jam's have a cuddle on the sofa, had a little drink and off up the wooden hill to sleep. If you read one of my previous posts you will have read all about how difficult my son makes bedtime, crying, screaming, throwing toys, books and anything he could pick up. After a few hours he is asleep. Morning comes around and just as the sun is opening it' more

Twinkl Review
Over the past few weeks we have been using a website called Twinkl, the website is mainly aimed at teachers and teaching assistants. However on the site there is a section for parents and childminders. Twinkl offers resources for your childs learning, my boyfriends mum is a teaching assistant and she uses this website for the activities for her children in the more

Mother's Day Craft's
Mother's day is just around the corner, normally we buy a card and a nice little gift. However this month is really expensive for us our car needs to go to the garage and the tax is due, I have my works leaving night out plus Jared has three parties to go to and my sister has a birthday. So I got thinking about what we could do rather then a meal or shop bought gifts, we made some great things today for one Nanna. This week we will make more one for Nanny and one for great Grandma. As you may have noticed I love pinterest, which is what more
The Deep 
On Saturday we ventured over to Hull, to go to the Deep. I had never been before so wasn't sure what to expect and considering the ticket price was nearly half the price of the sea life centres. I had heard a few things about the places from friends and family who had been, some described it as fantastic and others said the money would be better spent on going to an aquatic shop. We paid online got in the car and off we went on the hour long drive. Although it seemed to take a lot longer getting there. When we arrived the car park more

Brainboost Box
We were very lucky to be sent a brainboost box. If you haven't heard about them then I will just explain a little about what it is. Brainboost is a monthly subscription box aimed at children between 2-12 years old, founded by Dr.Maryhan Baker. Maryhan came up with play based learning programme to help with children's development in, behaviour, confidence and wellbeing. The box is £20 a month but the price is cheaper is you choose one of the subscription choices, of which you can cancel at any time. They also offer a refund if you are not happy more

Bubble Scooter Review 
When I was a child I had a scooter it was metal and I loved it I thought it was the best scooter around. I played for hours on it zooming from one friends house to another, we all had scooters. My little boy has just got his first scooter and he loves it. The excitement started when there was a loud knock at the door Jared and the dog went running to the door (as they do all the time) and a big box was handed to me. The first part I pulled out of the box was a wheel and that was Jared squealing and shouting "Beep Beep". Anything that has wheels is a beep beep to Jared and scooter is a bit of a tricky word...... read more

Preemie Awareness Day 2013

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