Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods Review

With Easter just days away you may be stuck with what to give the kids that doesn't involve chocolate, they just seem to get way too much chocolate now. For the past few years we have cut down the amount of chocolate eggs they get as we found that we were having to throw away out of date eggs. Yep I had to bin chocolate because even I couldn't sneakily eat anymore of it.

So let's talk about these Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod's. These bath bomb looking pod's mix science and fun together, each pod contains a creature from a 'Planet' there are 35 to collect in this first series. As well as the creature there is also a classification card and a mini poster which has some fun science facts.

We were gifted the Reactor Pod's to try out and the kids loved them. All you need is a bowl of water and excited children (please note that adults can do this without the children if wanted). The kids will want to throw that pod right in put I'd suggest they place it in nicely and excitedly watch as it fizzes and reveals the egg hidden inside.

There are different coloured Reactor Pod's in ours we got the orange and blue which turned the water the same colour as it was. Each colour represents which category the toy will be a part of. Once the egg is free you can crack it open to see what toy you got. We got three from the Buglettes and one from Oceanites.

Priced at just £4 they are perfect for an Easter alternative as you would spend £4 upwards on just the one egg  without a toy included. I do have a little giveaway for you so that you can win two Pod's so just fill out the form below.
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