Monday, 7 January 2019

My Plans For 2019


I wanted to get this post out there as soon as I could but I needed to make my plans clear to myself first. As you may no I never make a New Year's Resolution as I found I was basically setting myself up to fail. So what I do is make little goals that I think are achievable.

My first goal is to get my health conditions under control. I will admit I've been an awful diabetic, I've not taken my meds missed my 6 months check and generally just had a half arsed approach to it. I've realised that having diabetes is serious and that I need to take back that control. My other condition, Hashimoto thyroiditis also needs sorting I again missed am appoint and blood test so I'm not sure if my meds dosage is correct, I've made a promise to myself to make an appointment.

This year I want to gain more control over our finance's. We found ourselves in a rut after having to using a credit card to move house then also to fix the car plus me being out of work. Now I'm back at work Liam has a new job role and I'm hoping we can pay off the credit card.

Book a wedding venue and choose a date. As mentioned above we are slowly getting into a better place financially and hopefully we can save for our deposit and finally book something. We are attending two weddings this year it's time we planned our own.

Family time needs to be more of a thing for us now. As we both work full time we could easily slip into a routine where we are selfish and just stay at home on weekends catching up on housework and slobbing on the sofa, I'm sure you working parents understand this. Although we won't be out every weekend we will be bringing back family film time and board game night.

Do you have any plans for the year? I would love hear them.

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