Thursday, 25 April 2019

AnySharp Knife Sharpener

In our house the kitchen is where the most waste is, from food to packaging and everything in-between. As a family we have actively been trying to reduce our waste, tackling our recycling that little bit more.

After seeing that we were doing as much as we could it got me thinking bigger. The amount of times we have thrown out a chipped mug or blunt knives rather than recycle them, partly because it seemed too much effort. I've since started taking crockery to the local recycling center and as for the knives we have a great little kitchen gadget.

The gadget is the AnySharp knife sharpener. We were asked if we would like to review the product and it seemed perfect as I had been looking at buying one. When it arrive I was a little surprised as I had expected it to be a little bit bigger. However size isn't everything.

The AnySharp knife sharpener has a suction base so that it can sit securely on your counter top. In the past I tried to use a hand held sharpener and nearly lost a thumb so for me this feature is something that all knife sharpeners should have.

The use of the AnySharp is really simple, light strokes of the knife are key here. Many people push hard thinking it's needed but just light stories do the job. Liam has sharpened all the knives in the house after I done a few.

I mentioned that the AnySharp was smaller than I had expected. I think this is because in looking at other sharpeners they were large with handles or a gap for you to hold it down. I'm glad that the AnySharp is smaller in comparison because it makes it easier to store, I can even stick it to wall when not in use. Overall I'm really impressed with this and would recommend this.

*We have been sent the AnySharp for the purpose of this review, this does not impact any of my thoughts and opinions on this product and everything said is my own thoughts and opinion. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods Review

With Easter just days away you may be stuck with what to give the kids that doesn't involve chocolate, they just seem to get way too much chocolate now. For the past few years we have cut down the amount of chocolate eggs they get as we found that we were having to throw away out of date eggs. Yep I had to bin chocolate because even I couldn't sneakily eat anymore of it.

So let's talk about these Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod's. These bath bomb looking pod's mix science and fun together, each pod contains a creature from a 'Planet' there are 35 to collect in this first series. As well as the creature there is also a classification card and a mini poster which has some fun science facts.

We were gifted the Reactor Pod's to try out and the kids loved them. All you need is a bowl of water and excited children (please note that adults can do this without the children if wanted). The kids will want to throw that pod right in put I'd suggest they place it in nicely and excitedly watch as it fizzes and reveals the egg hidden inside.

There are different coloured Reactor Pod's in ours we got the orange and blue which turned the water the same colour as it was. Each colour represents which category the toy will be a part of. Once the egg is free you can crack it open to see what toy you got. We got three from the Buglettes and one from Oceanites.

Priced at just £4 they are perfect for an Easter alternative as you would spend £4 upwards on just the one egg  without a toy included. I do have a little giveaway for you so that you can win two Pod's so just fill out the form below.
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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Win An Easter Egg Hunt Pack

How is it nearly Easter?

For Easter this year we will be celebrating by spending it with family, this is partly because Easter is the day after my birthday. We will go for a meal and then enjoy as much chocolate as we can consume.

There are so many Easter activities going on which can sometimes become expensive. So we often like to do an Easter hunt at home and maybe a few Easter crafts.

WOWFreeStuff Currently has a competition running where you could win 1 of 50 Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Packs. Perfect for creating fun on your Easter Sunday.

Do you have any Easter plans?


Monday, 18 March 2019

Easter In West Yorkshire

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How is it nearly Easter?! It only seems like a few weeks since I was getting the house back to normal after Christmas. With Easter so close I thought it would be nice to put together a little list of places that are doing an Easter Hunts or have some Easter activities going on. 

Swithens Farm - Rothwell Leeds
A little farm located in Rothwell, Leeds. They will be having Easter fun on the 13th and 14th of April. As well as the Easter egg hunt you can spend the day seeing the animals, feeding cows and maybe even bottle feeding a lamb. 

Kirklees Light Railway - Huddersfield
They are having an Easter Eggspress journey between the 19th - 22nd April. We went to this a few years ago and it was a good day. I would advise booking your ticket online on the day there are plenty of activities to take part in such as Easter crafts, bouncy castle, face painting a ride on the train plus chocolate treats. 

Temple Newsam - Leeds
The house and the farm will be hiding some monster eggs and children can find them all for the chance to win a eggcellent prize. This will run between 30th March until 22nd April. 

Royal Armouries - Leeds
A free to attend Easter activity based at the museum. There will be lots of things for the children to do including archery and sword schools. There will also be some live performances and story telling. This will run between 30th March until 14th April. 

Hardcastle Crags - Hebden Bridge
They are having a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt on the 19th - 22nd April 11am until 4pm. There are a few Cadbury egg hunts dotted about you can find more on the website.

Pontefract Castle - Pontefract
Pontefract castle are holding a free dragon Easter egg hunt on April 18th from 11am until 2pm. As well as the hunt there will be other activities. We visit a lot during school holidays and the kids have always had a fun time and learnt a lot about the local history. 

The Hepworth - Wakefield
The Hepworth are holding a Easter themed afternoon tea, children will get an Easter egg and a visit from the Easter bunny. This will be on the 22nd April you can book online

Between the 6th April to 28th April the museum has a lot going on including an Easter Egg Hunt with a twist. There will be live history characters and on the 27th there will be some experts in Geology. It sounds a really great fun day out. 

Brodsworth Hall & Gardens - Doncaster
From Saturday 6th April until 28th April you can visit Brodsworth Hall & Gardens and take part in an Easter hunt. There will be clues so you can crack them and as a reward kids will receive a certificate, sticker and a chocolate treat.  

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Saving Dolls Hair

If you have a doll in need of a hair make over then keep reading. 

The other day I came across a bargain in a charity shop, a Disney Ariel doll. At a pound I couldn't resist getting it for my daughter, she came naked and a bit of felt tip on her face but I knew that could all be fixed. The hair however I wasn't so confident in fixing. Clearly Ariel had spent a lot of time in water and her hair had become one big dreadlock. 

I thought of just trying it back with a hair band after all Eryn would love her none the less. The more I stared at her the more it bugged me. 

I tried to just brush it but to no avail. I knew the hair was material based so I mixed up a solution of fabric conditioner (2tbsp) and warm water. 

With my solution in a spray bottle and took to her hair. I made as small a section as I could soaked her hair in the solution and combed it through. 

After finishing all the sections I left Ariel to dry her hair. It didn't know if it would stay as flat but it looked a lot better. 

Here is how Ariel's luscious locks look after drying. As you can see it has gained a bit of volume but it's looks so much better then being a mass. 

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Laminate Flooring Advantages & Disadvantages

Laminate Flooring: Advantage and Disadvantage

Choosing the right flooring that suits you can be exciting confusing and slightly frustrating all at the same time. If you’re looking for affordable and durable flooring that still looks fashionably amazing, even after the kids and the dog has run about on it all day, laminate flooring might be the answer. To help you decide, here are the advantage and disadvantages on why laminate flooring is a perfect solution for you home.

It’s also a bit tempting for its low cost and easy installation.


> Advantage: It is easy and fast to install.  You can install 300 square feet in a week. These past few years, it is required to use glue to put them together. But nowadays, laminate flooring types have a click/lock or fold/lock design that allows plank to fit together like puzzle pieces. Great excuse to invite your puzzle loving friends/family to help. The planks are constructed of soft particle board so it can be easily cut with a handsaw or even just a knife.

> Disadvantage: While it is designed to be easy, sometimes the click/lock or fold/lock will not work very well. The sides of the boards can be a little tough to join with adjoining sides. And if you force boards into place, you risk curling up the top layer and possibly hurting your fingers, you settle the ability of the floor to resist moisture.



>Advantage: It is easy to clean with just one sweep. You can just use a damp mop, vacuum or broom. You don’t need to use wax anymore.

>Disadvantage: Putting too much water into the seams between boards can cause swelling. Therefore, you need to use special laminate floor cleaner. There are also some floor wipes that are designed to work with laminate floors.


>Advantage: Powder rooms and kitchens are semi-moist areas that you can install laminate flooring where you can encounter topical moisture as one of the manufacturers Mannington calls it. You have to make your boards tight to each other leaving no avenue for moisture so that the laminate can resist some water.

>Disadvantage: However, if there are water leaks in kitchen and bathrooms, laminate floors might not tolerate flooded waters. You need an impenetrable surface like vinyl or porcelain tile for heavy moisture.


Durability and Maintenance:

>Advantage: Laminate flooring has a top coat that protects the photographic layer below. Not like woods that can be scratch or have dents. Laminate flooring is more durable, resists scratches (perfect for pet owners) and moisture.

>Disadvantage: If laminate is damage, had big scratch or cut out, it will not be fixed or refinished like solid hard wood. Therefore it must be replaced.


>Advantage: Some installation put underlayment because laminate flooring can feel hard on foot. It is easier to stand on especially on long period of time. When you’re standing, cooking and washing at the sink.

>Disadvantage: Laminate flooring may be slippery. Though, manufacturers are creating slip-resistant coating. It can also prevent electrifying circuit, so make sure your floor is always dry and clean.



>Advantage: Laminate flooring has a natural look of wood, stone and other materials. Not like real hardwood that has some unfurnished parts that needs to be re-fixed. Laminate flooring has a perfect surface. It's also a great cheaper alternative to the wood or stone.

>Disadvantage: Whole heartedly built characteristic was removed when you get near the surface. Most topics are inline in the same cycle.

Resale Value:

>Advantage: Laminate flooring manufacturers are doing their best to improve the product. There are 3 ways this product was improved, the micro bevels, deeper texturing, and better graphics reproduction.
Sending it near the cachet satisfies the solid hardwood and master piece wood flooring.

>Disadvantage:  Laminate flooring has traditionally failed on selling your home in a higher value. If you want to get high currency for your home, hardwood and master piece wood flooring is better to sell in a higher value.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Afternoon Tea In Leeds

Last weekend we celebrated my mum's birthday by treating her to and afternoon tea. We had been wanting to do this for a while and now we had finally got around to booking it.

We booked through Groupon for afternoon tea at The Soap Factory, a restaurant located inside the Novotel hotel in Leeds. The hotel is just a short walk down from the train station, plenty of signs let you know you are there.

Inside the hotel we were directed to the restaurant and then seated. We were asked of any allergies which for me is seafood, and asked if we would like tea or coffee. The restaurant had a few other people enjoying afternoon tea but no other diners which was nice.

The waitress brought us are drinks and we soon had our selection of sandwiches and cakes in front of us. I did have to send the sandwiches back as they had given us salmon, they explained that it was a mix up with one of the other tables and the problem was quickly sorted.

The sandwiches were nice however I found the amount you got were slightly odd as there were only six small sandwiches which is also the same amount as the tables with only two people on. As there were four of us it was awkward to share them between us.

The selection of cakes were mouth watering, we didn't know where to start. The choices were amazing, macarons, sponge cake, tarts, scones and mini muffins. To look at it you would think it would be easy to clear it all between the four of us, three of us are big dessert lovers, however we were beaten. Luckily they have take out boxes so you can box it up and take it home with you.

The scones came with fresh cream in pots and there was a choice between strawberry jam and salted caramel topping. I never got a chance to try the salted caramel but my mum said it tasted amazing.

As mentioned above I purchased this through Groupon so the cost was cheaper, for the four of us if cost £29.95. Groupon had made a mistake with the booking date booking for 12th and the hotel did everything to correct this so that we could still attend. I would recommend this place if you were looking for a nice afternoon tea.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Win A Lipsy Dress

I wasn't actually planning a giveaway but this is what happens when you shop in the sales and change your mind.

Basically where I work I get discount on clothing and I bought a dress that someone bought and then returned so technically it's not in the sale but to me in was in the sale as I did not pay the £75 that it should be, so I bought another two dresses which I liked more and thought hey I know I'll run a giveaway for this dress.

So this is the dress it has a slit up the left leg and the colour is Nude, it is a UK size 14 and as stated is a Lipsy dress. 

It is a really nice dress and I had planned to wear it to a wedding but I spotted two other dresses that I happened to like a lot more. 

Enter via the rafflecopter and a winner will be drawn at random 24hours after it ends. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway UK & European entered only. There is no cash alternative and the dress can't be returned to any stores for a refund. You must 16 or over to enter. Please note that by entering this giveaway you are giving permission for me to announce your name if you are the winner. The winner will be contacted 24hours after the end of the giveaway and you will have 7 days to respond.

Friday, 1 February 2019

An Open Letter To My Bio Dad

Dear Bio Dad,

I have always had so many things I've wanted to ask and say but I never knew how or when? so I have chosen to write this. You may read this or maybe you won't but either way I need to get it out there.

When I was a kid I always wondered why I didn't have a dad, everyone else had one so why didn't I? I was told several things by several different people, I was born out of wed-lock and you and your family frowned upon this, another was that you had a wife who didn't want me in your life. Basically everything I was ever told was negative, but I didn't have an answer and didn't want to believe my dad didn't want me. Who does?
Around the time of all these questions and dozens of replies from others, one being a friend of yours called Paul. You came to visit me in Chaddleworth, I remember you taking me to the park I can't say how old I was nor what we spoke about but I have always remembered that day. Now that I'm older I realise that that day was cruel, because after that I never saw you again and never even spoke to you.

As a child and also a teen I was an awful child and I'm not blaming you not being around on this but it really didn't help. I had and still have a picture of you it was literally all I had and my mum gave me it and said it was up to me if I wanted to keep it or not. My upbringing wasn't the worst but it could of been better, before my step-dad (Dad) came along it was just me and mum. She tried her best but she was young and I often felt unwanted by her as well and I hated her for a long time but she did what she could and even went hungry to make sure she could afford to buy me food.

You may not remember the taking me to the park but I'm sure you can remember the times that we did meet up when I was 19. I can't begin to explain how happy I was that I had got back in contact with and to of found out that I had two brothers, when we met up it was great and thought maybe we could have some sort of relationship and we did for a while until you and your wife split up. So one of my question's is did you only meet up with me because of your wife? or did you actually want to know me?
Of course you will remember that at the time I was married and living in Germany, but you do not know the reason's why I married him or why I ended up escaping from him. I was afraid to tell you anything in case it scared you away. I guess something did somewhere?

I'm now a mum to two amazing kids and it wasn't until I had my son that I started to think of you in a different way. I sent you a message about my son when he was fighting for his life in hospital and you gave me a flippant reply. The only person in your family who has ever taken an interest in us is your sister who is a lovely woman and clearly has a heart of gold. That brings me on to another question that maybe you can't answer, why does your Dad refuse to acknowledge my existence? further more my sons! When we were at your sister's one time your parents came round and Jared stood there saying hi to your Dad and he ignored him it broke my heart. We never asked for this? I never asked for this?

I don't know if you think I only ever got in contact for money or presents or something but I will assure you that I never wanted anything other than the respect that I deserve. I won't lie though I had thought about seeing if there was someway I could sue you for emotional distress all my life, the DNA test I had to do as a teenager wasn't exactly easy for me. I can't say I hate you but I'm confused by you. Do you ever class me as being your daughter? do you ever wonder if I would be worth getting to know properly? Would you not just want one conversation alone with me to just air this all out?

There is a lot more I could ask as obviously one question leads to more but maybe that will be for another letter another day.


Saturday, 26 January 2019

January Round Up

January is finally coming to an end, seriously it is like the longest month ever. Last year January started off pretty crappy for us as our car broke and ended up costing us a lot to repair. Thankfully 2019 has got off to an ok start.

So what have we been up to?

Liam has officially started his Vlog along with his two friends Reef and Elliot so he has been busy trying out a fre things with their latest blog being about VR.

Jared is back at school and Beavers. He has swung right back into his weekly routine which he needed as night time was becoming a big issue. Something exciting for him is that he has two sleepover trips with Beavers this year with the first being just weeks away.

Eryn has suddenly realised she hasn't been living up to the terrible two's stereotype. Tantrums are now in full swing along with wanting to eat everything and yet hating everything she is eating. Not long before Christmas we cracked the bedtime routine with her but now we are back at square one as Jared told her all about monsters. Aren't big brothers great!

And me? Well I'm still juggling work, kids, the house and finding some me time. I have a week off soon and I plan to use it to decorate the bedroom and maybe find a new binge worthy TV show. Suggestions welcome.

Hope all of you are having a great start to the year.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Winter Lip Care

Winter takes a toll on us all, whether it's making us poorly, dulling our hair or making our skin dry. The one thing I find every winter is that it make my lips dry, which can lead to them becoming really sore and even crack if I don't treat them.

I've teamed up with the people at WOW Free Suff to tell you about Burt's Bees. A brand that has been around a while but I find often gets over looked.

Burt's Bees have a great range of lip balms which my sister adores. She literally won't use anything else. They of course do other products I personally really like their skin care products. The products are cruelty free which is awesome. 

WOW Free Stuff currently have a giveaway running for you to have the chance to win 1 of 20 Burt's Bees gift sets, like pictured. Please not you do need to be in the UK and 18 or over to enter.

Good Luck

Monday, 7 January 2019

My Plans For 2019


I wanted to get this post out there as soon as I could but I needed to make my plans clear to myself first. As you may no I never make a New Year's Resolution as I found I was basically setting myself up to fail. So what I do is make little goals that I think are achievable.

My first goal is to get my health conditions under control. I will admit I've been an awful diabetic, I've not taken my meds missed my 6 months check and generally just had a half arsed approach to it. I've realised that having diabetes is serious and that I need to take back that control. My other condition, Hashimoto thyroiditis also needs sorting I again missed am appoint and blood test so I'm not sure if my meds dosage is correct, I've made a promise to myself to make an appointment.

This year I want to gain more control over our finance's. We found ourselves in a rut after having to using a credit card to move house then also to fix the car plus me being out of work. Now I'm back at work Liam has a new job role and I'm hoping we can pay off the credit card.

Book a wedding venue and choose a date. As mentioned above we are slowly getting into a better place financially and hopefully we can save for our deposit and finally book something. We are attending two weddings this year it's time we planned our own.

Family time needs to be more of a thing for us now. As we both work full time we could easily slip into a routine where we are selfish and just stay at home on weekends catching up on housework and slobbing on the sofa, I'm sure you working parents understand this. Although we won't be out every weekend we will be bringing back family film time and board game night.

Do you have any plans for the year? I would love hear them.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Ecigara Review

We were recently contacted and asked if we would like to review some E-cig liquids. Liam is an E-cig user so he will be writing this review.

I decided that I would try out a few flavours that I had never really seen before or tried in the past. I opted to go with Golden Palermo by Zap! Juice, Spark by Juice N Power and Blueberry Jam by King Vapes.

Starting with the Golden Palermo, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from this juice and I honestly, cannot really explain the taste now. It is just an explosion of so many different fruit flavours that really compliment each other. The come in 10ml bottles so you do not have to worry about adding your own nicotine which is very handy if you are going out and do not have the space to carry around a 50ml bottle. They are also shaped like bullet which I like, it makes a nice change from the standard little stubby bottles most companies use.

On to the Spark, I had never heard of Juice N Power before but I was sold by the description on the website. Watermelon, lime and mint. This was a liquid that when I opened it, the smell wasn't as good as I imagined, infact it failed the smell test. However, it exceeded greatly in the taste test, it was a refreshing all day vape. I've had liquids including mint in the past which after a few hours you have to change as the mint is far to overpowering, but in this it is subtle but noticeable and the sweetness of the watermelon with the citrus tang of the lime make this liquid one not to miss out on.

I have saved my favourite liquid for last, I have never really had a blueberry based liquid before and I prefer stronger flavours but this is without a doubt one of the best liquids I have ever tried. I found undertones of toast, as if the blueberry jam was spread. It is a warm flavour not one that leaves feeling like you haven't actually had a vape hit.  Like the previous two, this is also a liquid I happily used regularly for days on end as I didn't get bored of the flavour.

Now onto the company, Ecigara do a wide range of products from liquids to tanks, to box mods all the way to new CBD oils. The offer free postage on any orders over £20 providing you live on the mainland of the UK and my deliver arrived within 4 days which was really good considering I had ordered last Sunday night. If you prefer to try you liquids before buying them they do have a few store around the UK for you to visit.

There website can be found here

To summerise, this is a company that would be great for any level of vaper, from the very new to the very old, their website design is simple enough to be able to find everything you need and the wide array of product means no customer is left out.

***I was sent these product for the purpose of a review, this has in no way influence my opinion on the products***