Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Young Drivers

A few weeks ago my sisters got the chance to drive a car. For most that would be something normal but for two teenagers aged thirteen and sixteen it was a day full of excitement. Young Drivers is a company that offers driving experience's for those aged 5 and up, although you do need top be aged ten to drive a real car. The younger children drive small Go-Kart type cars.

The car that you get to drive in is a Vauxhall Corsa which is a good little car and something that most newly passed young drivers tend to get. I was under the impression that the cars would be automatic what with such young kids behind the wheel I thought maybe the gears would be too much, however they are actually manual. It was a surprise to see how well those aged ten didn't stall the car.

There are sixty UK venues that offer these lessons, we went to the one in Leeds. It was a little tricky to find at first as the signage wasn't great and was really small but we got there in the end. The location we went to used to be an RAF base and the driving took place on the run way. When we first arrived we checked in at reception which is located inside the cafe, the girls were then given there drivers book. The drivers book is where the instructor will document when you have completed certain driving tasks such as getting to know the car, just like you would do in a lesson when learning to drive.

My sisters were both having a half an hour lesson but you can get an hour long lesson. Once they got in the car they made there way to the runway along with other drivers and there lesson was underway. I must admit it was a little strange seeing my thirteen year old sister driving a car. Here is a little what they thought of the driving experience.

'These Lessons are perfect for if you are wanting to have fun or if you want 
to get a head start with driving lessons before you turn seventeen. It's also good
for if you are wanting to feel more confident on the road. I found the instructors 
extremely helpful and they were great at explaining everything to me, they made me 
feel at ease when I was unsure of something. The environment is nice and controlled, 
there are others driving along too. At first it is a little intimidating seeing other young 
drivers but it soon becomes normal and a comfortable environment. This lesson
was a fantastic insight into what it is going to be like when I start to drive'
Trinity 16

'Having never experienced anything like this before I'm glad to say I enjoy it
To start with I was really nervous as I thought of things going wrong like, crashing
the car. The Instructor was great and really reassuring when I thought I was 
doing things wrong. I really enjoyed the lesson and was glad to learn how to steer 
correctly, I felt so proud of myself afterwards. I was surprised at how much 
easier it was than I first thought. I think that these lessons really will benefit people
before they start driving as you learn the basics and it face your fears. 
I would recommend this to everyone' 
Molly 13

From my point of view I think these lesson's are perfect for anyone who is wanting to get start on learning to drive. We live in a world where being able to drive isn't just a way of getting from A-B but it is also jobs. So why not start sooner, it will boost confidence and make younger drivers safer drivers by learning sooner and getting rid of those nerves. 

With Christmas just weeks away these lesson would be a perfect gift for if you don't know what to get that fussy teenager. 

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