Saturday, 10 November 2018

Panjango Trumps Review

If you are a fan of Top Trumps then you are going to love Panjango Trumps. So as you may have already guessed Panjango Trumps is very much like Top Trumps, there are a set of cards the subjects of the Panjango cards are jobs. So each card has a different job, Pilot, Chef, Sales Assistant etc. Then on each card there's six categories such as Salary, Robot risk and Brain Power.

The rules of the game are fairly simple, each player is dealt 15 random cards then the player to the left of the dealer chooses a category and reads out that chosen categories value whoever has the highest value wins the round expect for the category 'Robot Risk' for example, The card I picked is Architect and I'm choosing the category of Brain Power which is 89 Jared then looks at his card which is Doctor and his Brain Power is 92 meaning he wins that round. Robot Risk is a category which is the reverse of the others so you only really want to play this value when you have a really low score like on Jared's card his value for Robot Risk is 0. If you there is a draw on the cards then you place those cards in the middle and the winner of the next round takes them.

The cards are really great for looking at jobs that children may never have heard of and although for the younger children being a firefighter may be the best job ever the older children playing may read about being a travel agent and decide that is something they may want to do. In the pack of cards there is a card that also gives you suggestions on other games you can play using the cards also each card has a little fun fact at the bottom which adds that little extra bit of fun to the game.

Panjango Trumps would make a great stocking filler game for any child and I guarantee that they will love playing and learning.

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