Friday, 30 November 2018

Self Care Gift Guide

When it comes to Christmas and you are asked what you want it can sometimes be hard to make a list. One group of gift ideas can often be overlooked, self care products. So here is a list of some fabulous self care gifts to give.

1. Eyemask
Perfect for winding down and having a good sleep. An eyemask isn't for everyone but they can really help those who find it difficult to sleep or for people who sleep during the day due to working nights.
Bedtime Bliss £8.90

2. Massager
As much as we would all love our own masseuse it's just not possible. There are some amazing choices for massagers for home use now with varying prices.

3. Electric Blanket
The cold nights are here to stay for a while and an electric blanket can really help with those. My sister loves her electric blanket and would turn it into a onesie if she could.

4. Essential Oils
They are great for many reasons and not only for smelling good. They can relax you, help with sleep and also be massaged in. If buying these I would recommend a small gift set to begin with.

5. SAD Lamp
Often referred to as the winter blues people who have SAD can have get a light/lamp that will aid in them feeling better in themselves. The lamps can be costly but the benefits far out weigh the cost.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Shop Online At Wicked Uncle

I can't believe that it is Christmas next month!! I know some people are still not even thinking about the festive period but for me I'm in the middle of my shopping. I can't afford to leave it last minute but now that I'm back working a full time job I'm finding it a bit more difficult to get my bargain pressie's bought. I guess this is why so many people are switching to online shopping, but just where so you go to get those must have toys for the kids?

We recently worked with Wicked Uncle which is an online shop for Children's presents. The website makes shopping really simple especially for those who have no idea what to buy for children in the family. You can narrow down your shopping by age and gender and it will bring up appropriate toys which I found really useful when browsing for Eryn as even though she is two and a half she has no idea what she wants and I only have a rough idea of what to get. In fact by using this search option I found so many things for Eryn that I made a little list and have been sending it to people when they ask what to get her for Christmas.

As Jared is that bit older he is at that age where he wants everything he see's on TV so I used the search bar on the website to find some of the toys that he has asked for. The main one being Stickbots, he has been asking for these for a long time now and I feel he is now old enough to be able to use them and create something great with them, they were also a really good price a pack of two Stickbots for £9.95. As well as the Stickbots I also got Jared a Meccano model set which was also a priced at £9.95.

As well as having the search by age option there is also a search by most popular. I found this search option really fun to scroll through as I came across products that would be great for family members children and products that would make great secret Santa products such as a collection of odd socks. When it comes to checking out you have the option to have them gift wrapped which costs £3.50 for the first present then £1.75 for each additional present, you also get to choose the gift wrap. There are three options for delivery Royal Mail, DPD or you can collect in person if you live close by, they are based in Suffolk. Payments card be made by credit/debit card or you can use PayPal.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Christmas At The Hepworth

If you have ever or if you are currently in the process of planning the work/team Christmas party it can be a stressful ordeal. You have to find a venue that is in a good location for everyone to get to with parking and also public transport links. Long gone are the days of having a party in your own office block.

There are some amazing venues around and almost everywhere offers some form of room or space on hire. One place that you may not have thought of as a host of a Christmas party is The Hepworth art gallery in Wakefield. It is an unusual place to have a party but also a great place, just think of all those Instagram worthy pictures you can take. The space is great and also it is a little more sophisticated compared to a crowded room in a pub, lets face it we have all been to one of them.

So what can The Hepworth give?
Aside from the artwork for £45 per person each guest will receive:

  • A celebratory drink on arrival 
  • A four course festive dinner
  • A DJ for entertainment
  • A chill out Lounge
There are some dates available in December for Friday's and Saturdays which are:

  • Friday 7th December
  • Saturday 8th December
  • Friday 14th December
  • Saturday 15th December
Other dates may be available so please do get in contact to enquire about any dates you may have in mind you can get in contact with The Hepworth by either sending or by giving them a call.
Phone: 01924 247 362 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Panjango Trumps Review

If you are a fan of Top Trumps then you are going to love Panjango Trumps. So as you may have already guessed Panjango Trumps is very much like Top Trumps, there are a set of cards the subjects of the Panjango cards are jobs. So each card has a different job, Pilot, Chef, Sales Assistant etc. Then on each card there's six categories such as Salary, Robot risk and Brain Power.

The rules of the game are fairly simple, each player is dealt 15 random cards then the player to the left of the dealer chooses a category and reads out that chosen categories value whoever has the highest value wins the round expect for the category 'Robot Risk' for example, The card I picked is Architect and I'm choosing the category of Brain Power which is 89 Jared then looks at his card which is Doctor and his Brain Power is 92 meaning he wins that round. Robot Risk is a category which is the reverse of the others so you only really want to play this value when you have a really low score like on Jared's card his value for Robot Risk is 0. If you there is a draw on the cards then you place those cards in the middle and the winner of the next round takes them.

The cards are really great for looking at jobs that children may never have heard of and although for the younger children being a firefighter may be the best job ever the older children playing may read about being a travel agent and decide that is something they may want to do. In the pack of cards there is a card that also gives you suggestions on other games you can play using the cards also each card has a little fun fact at the bottom which adds that little extra bit of fun to the game.

Panjango Trumps would make a great stocking filler game for any child and I guarantee that they will love playing and learning.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Birkenau Camp Tour

Hopefully you have had a chance to read the Auschwitz Tour post.

Following on from the Auschwitz tour we travelled about 1 mile up the road to Birkenau. This was a direct contrast to Auschwitz, there were no tour groups, no queues no security. It was almost as though time had stood still. If you google Auschwitz you will see the iconic photo of the entrance with the railway line running through. This is your entrance to the Birkenau camp.

Walking through the entrance you are astounded by the sheer size of the camp. As far as the eye can see there is barbed wire fencing and rubble from the destroyed housing huts. We were taken to the centre of the camp, next to rail line we were told about how the prisoners were separated right where we were standing. Children pulled from their families, the elderly and sick sent straight off to the gas chambers and the remainder examined to see if they were fit for work. We were in a group of 21 people, and only 5 of us on average would have been declared as work worthy. 

The camp was built by Russian prisoners of war and was the most brutal and demanding camp in the area. The tour guide explained that due to living conditions and standard, Auschwitz would have been the better of two bad places. 

This camp was built solely for the purpose of extermination. At the back of the camp there is a forest with a lake in it, the ashes of all the people who died there are believed to have been tipped into the lake making it the worlds largest graveyard. 

There is a mural at the back of the camp dedicated to all those who lost their lives. Each stone is written in a language spoken by victims. There is a stone written in English dedicated to a Scottish Nun who was captured in Hungary, she was sadly sent to the gas chambers after refusing to leave the children she was caring for. The gas chambers at this site are now rubble having been destroyed by Nazi forces having learned that Russian forces were advancing on their position. The sheer size of these chambers compared to the one at Auschwitz clearly shows that this camp was built for mass killings. It started raining and the wind picked up while we were walking and looking at this section, you can feel the cold and it made you realise that some poor people were forced to work in these conditions at all hours of the day, in any weather.

Walking back down past the huts we made our way to a wing where you were sent if you were sick and unable to work. The idea was posed as somewhere you went for medical treatment and you were nursed back to health and sent back to work when in truth it was your death sentence. Over 700 people would be crammed in this hut at a time all waiting to be marched up to the gas chambers. The hut was dark, cold and dirty. 5 people at a time were expected to sleep on a wooden board, no bigger that a double bed. There we two heaters in the building which I cannot imagine gave off much heat during the winter when temperatures would drop below -7.

Our tour guide then got us all together and gave the final talk, this was a talk that has resonated with me, "if you ever see someone with number tattoos on there arms, speak to them, ask them questions. Everyone who experienced this horrific tragedy are either dead or in there 80's and 90's. In 10 years time we will have no living proof this ever happened, all we will be left with is memories and stories" This message made me realise that while life have moved forward, the holocaust is something that should never been forgotten. The minute people forget the holocaust happened is the minute it has the potential to happen again.