Saturday, 27 October 2018

Hape's Tea For Two & Microphone Review

When it comes to toys for my daughter one thing they need to be is robust! If they can't handle being dropped or possibly thrown then they are no good. I'm not saying that my daughter wrecks everything but I'm sure any parent with a toddler with understand where I'm coming from.

Hape has a wonderful selection of wooden toys that I have always found to be good quality and strong enough to take a tumble. We have recently been testing out two of their products Tea For Two Set and the Might Echo Microphone.

Tea For Two 
Every child who loves to host a tea party will love this tea set. The set comes with a tray that you can set your teapot and tea cups on ready to serve with milk and two sugars. The set is simple which is something that I really like about it mostly because I don't have to try and find a load of little spoons and lids. The design is perfect for any little girl or boy rather than most tea sets which tend to be bright pink. Always too much pink! Hape's Tea For Two set is a great size for tiny hands the wooden set is finished to a high standard so no fear's of any splinters whilst they play. I always fear of splinter's when it comes to wooden toy's.

Hape's Tea for Two set has something that I really appreciated maybe not so much for Eryn but it comes with a little wooden tea bag. I nearly missed the tea bag as it had slipped to the bottom of the box and it was only because Eryn had tipped it up and it fell out that I noticed it. The packaging was like nothing I had seen before each item individually wrapped with tissue paper and then inside biggish envelope placed inside a box, all which are recyclable which is a bonus.

You can purchase Hape's Tea For Two from Amazon for £17.99.

Mighty Echo Microphone
My daughter loves to sing a long to songs, the bing bong song is a firm favourite. So what does any singing child need? Yep that's right a microphone. Hape's Mighty Echo Microphone works without batteries as it just uses your child's voice to echo back the sound. I'm sure many of us had the cheap plastic one's as a child that drove our parents crazy. The Mighty Echo Microphone is suitable for any budding singer aged 12 months + perfect to hear those cute first words loud and clear. I tried to capture a video of Eryn singing but no luck she either looked away or just stopped singing so I don't have any in action shots to show you the sound. We did create a mini band with a few musical instruments that we have which both Eryn and Jared enjoyed.

The Mighty Echo Microphone is beautifully made and I think it will last for years to come so for the quality I think the price of £8.99 is more than reasonable.

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