Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Fingerlings Hugs

Last year all Jared wanted was a Fingerling monkey, his cousin had one and he spent hours playing with it when we were visiting. Luckily Santa brought him two last year one being a Boris and the other a Sloth. The problem with this was that his sister also wanted one but being as little as she was I didn't think it would be wise to get her one. Cue tantrum's and tears. A little while back we were sent an email introducing us to the new Fingerling Hug's which are available in Blue (Boris) or Pink (Bella) and even a Sloth. We were sent the Blue one which is Boris, in cuddle form. As soon as Eryn saw what it was she was trying to cuddle him.

For fan's of the Fingerlings these super sized cuddly buddies are a must. Very much like the smaller Fingerlings they are interactive with over 40 different sounds. Eryn's favourite seems to be the kissing sound which it makes when you give it a kiss. You can rock him to sleep or even record a message. The Fingerlings Hugs have arms that can wrap around and give you a cuddle or swing around in the tree's there is Velcro on the hands so they can clasp together.

Eryn really enjoys playing with Mun-Keh (Boris) most of the time he is wrapped around her as she pushes her baby in the pram and then sits him down on the Rody horse. I have found that having Boris around has increased her imagination, although he has sounds she has also given him a voice. I watched her play with him while Jared had his Fingerlings and they had some kind of game going on which was lovely to watch.

The Fingerlings Hugs says that it is suitable for ages 3+, Eryn is two and has been fine with Mun-Keh however she has been supervised whilst playing. That being said she often plays with her brothers toys which are for older children. I personally think that as long as your child is supervised it's fine (don't shoot me down PP's).

Boris and Bella and Sloth are battery operated and they come with test batteries you can purchase them at The Entertainer, Smyths Toys, Argos and retail at £29.99. 

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