Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Do You Want Some Freebies?

If you have came across this post then the chances are you are looking for some Freebies. Everyone loves a good freebie and I spend a lot of time looking for freebies and discounts. It seems lately that it has been more difficult to find a good freebie that doesn't require signing your life away.

I have been using the website Gratisfaction. The website is really simple to use and as well as featuring free samples it also has a section with voucher codes and bargains.

The website is mobile friendly which has been great as I often like to just use my phone and I've found that there are still a number of websites that aren't mobile friendly. I like to look for anyway that I can save a few quid and even more so at this time of the year so being able to just look on here whilst I'm sat in the car on the school run is really handy, plus I can show the other mum's and dad's.

Below is a little list of my favourite freebies and bargains that I have found on the website.

Free Hugo Boss Perfume with Christmas coming up free perfume is a win.

Himalayan Salt Lamp I love these lamps and this is a great saving.
Dog Food you request a free sample and just pay P&P which is £2.50.

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