Friday, 28 September 2018

Top 5 Things To Do: Skegness

During the six weeks holidays we went on our first family holiday which was very much needed. You can read about our campsite here. We took the kids to Skegness for the week after grinding what I think was a pretty good deal through Hoseason's. Below is our Top 5 things to do in Skegness.

1. Visit Fantasy Island and the market
Anyone who knows of Skegness will have heard of Fantasy Island it is like a smaller Blackpool pleasure beach that you DON'T have to pay to just walk around. As well as all the rides there is a market where you can buy a bit of everything our bargain buy was a JLS (yes JLS) hoodie for Eryn at £2 after she threw up all over her coat. You can read our full review here.

2. Collect Shells
For most this seems like something you can do at most beaches but in fact it's not and it's been a while since I could walk along the beach and collect such a variety of shells.

3.Skegness Stadium
If you're looking for evening entertainment then this is a must. We went twice during our holiday and both nights we enjoyed it. We were concerned Eryn wouldn't enjoy it what with her only being two but to our surprise she loved it and decided she loves bikes.

4. Boat Rides
In Skegness itself there is a lake where you can hire a little electric boat. The drive down is nice and life jackets are provided for the kids. We had an eventful ride as during our ride back up I had a face off with a wasp neither of us won the wasp got hit by Eryn's bag and Eryn's juice bottle went in the water. All was good as we were a rescue boat so Liam successfully did a 3 point turn and I retrieved the bottle.

5. Eat Everything Sweet
One good thing about any seaside town is the sweet treats. Skegness/Ingoldmells seems to have a great selection of ice cream shops that aren't crazy prices we found a few ice cream shops offer concoctions I'd never even dreamed of. As well as ice cream there are donuts, I was drooling like homer at the smell. Again there are some great prices for these in comparison to other places we have visited.

I found that overall this is a great family friendly budget friendly place to go on holiday.

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