Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Strictly Briks Review

The Brik Tower is one of the sets available from Strictly Briks, the set contains four baseplates and thirty stackers. Strictly Briks are compatible with the big named brands such as Lego and Megablocks but also with other shops own brands which is great for building.

The tower can be used as a platform for imagination or you could use the baseplates to create two cases to show off your latest build. We used the Strictly Briks Brik Tower to showcase our imagination, ok well mainly mine but it was for Jared and he sort of told me what he wanted.

As you can see from the picture there are four levels each held with two stackers in each corner, this did make it a little wobbly and I maybe should of but stackers in the middle to just make it that more sturdy. So on to level one this is the booking level complete with two cells and bad guys, if you look at Officer Judy you will see she is bringing in a man who has just stolen a diamond. 

Level two is where the officers can get to work and solve some cases, you can see them hard at work with their laptops out putting together the clues they have gathered. It was at this point that I figured out it would be easier to create the levels and then stack them up. The Strictly Briks stackers aren't solid and I think that is what causes the structure to wobble a bit and when you are trying to put things on the baseplate while it's stacked it seemed to fall.

Level three a room I had to create without any bricks, we had used all our spare bricks. I decided to make this the evidence room which actually looks pretty good as I found some tiles with numbers on. We have a lot of police character figures so I could set the scenes up really well with officers doing the jobs on the floor. Lastly we have the roof which just had to be the helipad, we lack a helicopter because it got broken and bits were used for other builds.

We really like the Strictly Briks Brik Tower and would recommend this to anyone who loves to build. This is just one example of what we have created but we have so much more to make, flats, school and a gym just to name a few. You can buy  the Brik Tower for £19.99 and you can also choose the colour we had the multicoloured one but you can choose an all pink, green, blue and many more as there are 28 colours altogether.

** We were sent the Strictly Briks Brik Tower for the purpose of this review. All opinions and ideas are our own this is an honest review of what we feel and think and the product.

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