Sunday, 16 September 2018

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

During our holiday to Skegness we had arranged to meet one of my friends who lives
in Norfolk so we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. We had spoken
about what we could do when we met up and after a while we decided on going to the
Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. We had both looked at the website and it seemed like a nice
place where the kids could play and also see some animals.

We arrived for when the park was due to open as we had assumed we would be there
all day. As soon as we got out of the car I had noticed several wasps flying around, now
for me this is a nightmare as I have a huge phobia and I do not react well if I get stung.
I put it down to the weather being so nice and that once inside we would hopefully not see
as many. When we joined the line to enter that is when I noticed the sign stated that they
were aware of a wasp problem. Great!

As we entered we were greeted by some Macaw parrots. Eryn was fascinated and I think
she could of climbed and sat on the branch with them then she would of. Meanwhile I was
a nervous wreck flapping away at wasps doing my best impersonation of kung fu noises.The
first section was full of Parrots, so many and this shed some light on why there was a wasp
problem. Apples, sliced apples in large quantities in every bird cage. We rushed through the
first section of birds due to the wasps and came across an Emu. Next to the Emu there was
an Avery part where you could walk in and pray they didn’t poo on you, thankfully we got out
poo free. As you can see the birds were really friendly and despite Liam’s look of horror he
actually enjoyed having the little bird on his shoulder.
We took a walk towards the Tigers and along the way we met some Reindeer's who were
just running around like loonies, our children decided to run alongside them. The walk to the
Tigers was nice and was classed as a nature walk but I’m not sure if we were on the nature
trail if I’m honest. We saw yet more birds, the kids at this point had become bored of birds and
wanted to see some different animals. We reached the Tigers and one was very close to the
glass which was great to see I had started to film and the Tiger put on a show by having a wee.
The kids loved seeing the Tigers and wanted to see more so we ventured outside to see some
more, we got to heard them roar and watch one nearly fall into the water.
At this point we were feeling a bit happier and to finally see something other than birds. Meerkat's
were our next stop but again we were faced with so many wasps due to apples that we had to
rush through it and head for the Panther. The Panther laid on top of a platform so was hard to
spot at first but we all got to see the Panther and the Panther I think saw us too. We were still
hopeful that we were going to have a great day but as we went through the door to explore more
we had found ourselves back at the entrance.
It had taken us an hour to get round the whole park. The kids were disappointed and so were
we. I felt like everything we had read about the place had been elaborated and made to sound
a lot better then it was. We had thought there would be more animals then there was and overall
I feel like it was total waste of our time and money. As a way to cheer the kids up we went into
the gift shop which also ended up being a let down with items overpriced for what they were.
We went back to the car with the kids upset about the day being over so soon.

It is very rare that I write anything negative about places we have been as often even if we have
had a bad experience that has been out weighed by good experiences. I have wrote this review
in hopes that people will take notice that this is not an all day family outing and also to highlight to
the park that maybe they should address the wasp issue in the warmer months and possibly rethink
and have a name change to something that will better reflect what they are as a wildlife park is a
very misleading title.

The price of entry is: Adult £10.95 Child £9.50 and under 3's are free.

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