Thursday, 20 September 2018

Hape Pocket Swing Review

Towards the end of the school holidays, when the money has been well and truly stretched we were asked if we would like to review Hape's Pocket Swing. Of course I jumped at the chance as that meant I had at least one more activity that I could do with the kids.

When the swing arrived I was really surprised with just how small it was, pocket means pocket. We went to Newmiller Dam where I knew we would find the perfect tree spot to test out the swing. The swing needs two tree's with a distant of 1.5-2 meters apart to set it up. Whilst following a Gnome trail at Newmiller Dam we came across the perfect spot. It was really simple to put the swing together, it took us about 5 minutes. The straps thread through the swing and wrap around a tree to clip back through one of the loops. Easy to follow instructions come with the swing.

The swing was really simple to unpack and pack back up again which makes it super easy to take anywhere and everywhere. 
Once the swing was set up Jared tried it out first. He found it a little tricky to get into by himself but once in he loved it and was happily swinging. Eryn soon wanted a go so we sat her in with her brother and they had swing together. There is a weight limit on the swing (242lbs) luckily the limit is high enough so that us parent could have a quick go. 
There are so many great reasons to have this swing and so far I have told everyone I know about this who go camping. It is perfect for camping and means if there is no park on site then you don't really need to worry. We have started to go for more walks as a family but with each walk come a complaint but now we use the swing as a way of getting them to walk for longer with the promise of have a break on the swing at a halfway point and at the end. I think this is also great to just have at home in the garden. if you have the trees, as they can swing or just use it to chill out in. 

The swing would be a welcomed gift to anyone who camps, hikes and takes children on outdoor activities. 

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