Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Fantasy Island Ingoldmells

If you have my previous posts you will know that we recently went on holiday to Chapel St Leonards. From our caravan we could see the roller coasters at Fantasy Island. On the Monday we took a visit to Fantasy Island and they could kindly gifted us some wristbands so we could enjoy the park.

I hadn't been to Fantasy Island for many years I think I last went when I was about 15 so I was looking forward to see how much it had changed. We took the bus from near to our campsite over to Fantasy Island which was really reasonably priced but there is parking available which is £6 for the day. One good thing to know is that Fantasy Island has a huge market that runs around the outside and under many of the roller coasters so if you're not a fan of rides then it's great just to have a walk around.

As soon as we had a wristbands on it was time for us to decide which we ride we were going to go on first, the Carousel. I thought this would be a nice one to start with and something that  Eryn could go on as she isn't a fan of being in her pushchair. There wasn't really much of a queue as soon as the ride stopped we were straight on the first time we went on this ride I sat in the rocker with Eryn, Jared went on a horse and later on Eryn went on a horse.

Opposite the Carousel was rollercoaster for children. Unfortunately Jared didn't go on it as he was a bit scared he was happy to go on it until he was told that his dad couldn't come on with him. Jared has only just started to go to theme parks and experience rides so he is at the stage where he is unsure and does need some encouragement, Eryn on the other hand was upset she couldn't go on it. 

We took a walk around inside to have a look for some more rides our next ride was, Toucan Tours. This was a nice ride as we got a bird's eye view of some of the arcade and other rides, we went on this a few times each time changing our seat position. Eryn got a little upset when entering the darker tunnel part of the ride but eventually she got used to it. When asked if she liked it she did say yeah. Toucan Tours is located on the second floor which is also home to the Balloon ride which sadly wasn't working during our visit, Liam went back to check several times. Also located here was the food court where we stopped for some lunch, the kids had a lunchbox each which were great value, Liam opted for the Pizza where as I had a cheese and ham baguette. The food was nice and fairly priced for the area and the service was good considering how busy this part was. 

After lunch we went on a few more rides. Which were outside there were rides that me and Liam wanted to go on but because of the kids we didn't get a chance to, next time we will take another adult. I find that no matter what theme park you go to you will always have this issue if you have kids with you. Outside the kids enjoyed going on The Jets, The Elephants, The Caterpillar and Jared even went on the monkey jump, a big achievement for him.

So I could get a good look at the roller coasters we took a walk around the market. The market is pretty awesome and you can buy pretty much anything, we got Eryn a JLS jumper for £2. There were squishems on every other stall, slime, a man selling his painting, perfume, shoes and even guns well BB guns. There is also a few different tattoo shops dotted around which are really cheap and I was nearly tempted to get a tattoo, a shell. Although I resisted Jared did get a tattoo a glittery Sonic tattoo. 

Back inside Jared went on the mini dodgems while Eryn discovered the fun of the little machine rides. We bought a card so she could go on them (all) then used the remaining balance in the arcade where she won a pink fluffy ball. The wristbands include all rides except the small ride on toys but they do include the mini golf so we gave it a go. 

Now let me tell you this, if you think mini golf with a 2 year old is a good idea think again. We did have a good time playing but my god it was hard work she hit the ball fine with the putter but she just kept picking the ball up and had no idea what was going on. We let a few people go ahead of us and lost score of who was winning, no hole in ones though. 

We had such a great time and although us big kids didn't get to go on the big rides we still enjoyed ourselves. We spent the whole day there and we plan on going back hopefully next year, if you are planning a visit then I would recommend the wristbands rather than the top up cards but please be aware that the wristbands don't work on the small ride on's or in the arcade so you would need a top up card for them.

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