Thursday, 2 August 2018

XLS Medical Shake: Week 2

Let me just say it didn't go well. I started the week with two shakes a day alternating between strawberry and chocolate. I felt positive after my weight loss and determined that I would lose more this week, but I forgot that the kids broke up from school!

On the Wednesday it was day one of the holidays I didn't have a shake for breakfast but I also didn't have anything to eat either. When lunch time rolled around I had to leave to take the car for it's MOT and the rest of my week went from bad to worst and the one thing I do when I'm upset and stressing out is eat.

They were running nearly two hours behind at Kwik Fit but didn't bother to inform anyone so I had no choice other than to sit there and wait. The car then failed the MOT and I was told by Kwik Fit that it would cost £5000 to fix. At this point I was beyond upset, how the hell am I going to fix this? how will we get to our holiday? I got home informed Liam of what had happened he rang around a few garages and one who had fixed our car back in January said that the quote was ridiculous and for all the work that needed to be be done it would be £300. Of course £300 was better than £5000 but we still didn't have a spare £300 just laying about. That night I got some shopping and there were stacks of cream cakes and profiteroles reduced to 50p I bought a few and then sat and ate them. My thoughts were that it would cheer me up but it didn't.

Another contribution to my failing this week was it was my daughters birthday. We had to cancel her BBQ and bouncy castle party due to the car problem but we did have a little tea party at her Nanna's. I couldn't just sit there sipping my shake and I had already ruined this week since Wednesday so I just enjoyed the day with family and enjoyed the food, all those calorie filled cakes and pizza's.

I didn't weigh myself on the Sunday like I normally would as I had no car to get to my usual weigh place. I did a weigh in on some home scales and it showed a gain of 2lbs but I'm sure it would be more. So Monday it's back to the shakes and starting again. 

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