Monday, 6 August 2018

Road Trip Must Have's

When I think of a road trip I think of a camper van touring the world with the freedom to just pull over and set up home for the night. I also dream of taking my own road trip one day around America and seeing as many states as possible. I'm sure many will have this same dream?
In a couple of week's time we will be taking a long drive to go on our first family holiday and as I like to super organised I decided to create this list of ' Road Trip Must Have's'. We will be travelling with two children so some of what we need you may not.

1. Snacks - We always pack the kids a lunch if we are going on a long drive but then we also pack a few sweets to keep us all going. I used to love the fruity car sweets as a kid.

2. First Aid Kit - For some people this is an item that is always in the car but it is also something that people can often not even consider, In some European countries it is an essential that you have this when driving anywhere. They are fairly easy and cheap enough to pick up.

3. Books/Toys - The kids get very bored very quickly and if you have ever played eye spy with a 6 year old you will know that this game can last no longer than 15 minutes. I try to take a book for each of them and then they also get to choose a toy each. I always hope they will fall asleep on the journey but it must be the excitement that keeps them going.

4. Sat Nav - I'm not ashamed to admit I'm useless with a map and rely on my TomTom to get me from A-B. Of course I do still take note of road signs and I have often ignored the TomTom in favour of the signs.
5. Tissue/Toilet roll - For us this is very much needed not just for if we are caught short in the middle of nowhere but because Jared has a lot of nose bleeds.

6. Drinks - We often under estimate how much we drink when we are travelling we normally take one drink per person but this year I will be packing more drinks as the weather has been a lot warmer and I really don't want to be paying service station prices.

7. Sunglasses - Seems such a simple item you wouldn't think you would forget these. However I do on a regular basis, I have considered buying a second pair and leaving them in the car so I'm not squinting.

8. Cool Box - We are taking food with us not much but I didn't want to spend the first day finding a shop or supermarket to go and buy milk, yogurts and other bits. We can't check in until 4pm so a cool box is the best solution and it can also keep our dink's nice and cold.

9. Sun Screens - Luckily we have these built into the car but for our older car we had one of the screens that went over the door so the kids couldn't pull them off no matter how hard they tried. The over the door screen was also really good for it they had the window down as no bugs could fly in. We always have bee's flying into our car and as I have a huge bee and wasp phobia it's not good at all.

10. Playlist - This has to be the most important right? There is nothing worse than driving to music you can't stand or listening to the radio re-tune itself every time you drive through a new county. The days of making a road trip may have gone but thanks to apps and USB sticks you can still make that killer playlist.

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