Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Do They Need New Uniform?

As the holidays start to wind down and we wave goodbye to the extra sleep and lazy days there is a surge of parents still frantically buying school uniform but my question is do they really need it?

Throughout the school year I have to buy new shirts, trousers and jumpers, mainly because they go missing never to be returned. So it got me thinking does Jared really need all new uniform? No he doesn't. So why am I wasting money on new uniform when his uniform from six weeks ago still fits him and is still fit for purpose.

Parents pay upwards of £300 to kit their kids out in new uniform, shoes, bags, coats and water bottles. This year financially we have struggled so the thought of buying new everything for school sent me into a flap. This is when I sat down and went through everything. His shoes still fit but as they are getting a little snug we bought a bigger size for £13 from Asda, I wasn't going to spend the £30+ I spent last year in Clarks for them not to fit come Christmas. I have kept two pairs of his trousers and bought another pair as I threw two pairs away that had knee holes. When it came to his shirts he definitely needed new ones as his old ones had got really grubby so I bought 2 packs of 2 from Asda for £4 a pack then 1 twin pack of polo tops for PE again Asda, £3. I refuse to buy anymore school jumpers as at £10 a jumper it's just too much and his old ones fit fine, well I say his these are the ones we actually got back after his went missing.

I have seen so many pictures of new coats and water bottles being posted by friends and family. Not me though Jared's coat is still prefect to use and has a selection of water bottles anyway.

This year I have saved so much money just by actually looking at his existing uniform and making a judgement as to whether it was still good to use. I have saved space in landfill by not throwing away clothing that can still be worn. I've come to the realisation that just because it's a new school year it doesn't mean that the kids need all new uniform, shoes and the rest.

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