Monday, 23 July 2018

Xls Medical Shakes: Week 1

Last Monday I started my weight loss journey using Xls Medical Shakes. I've tried a few diets in the past and had only ever tried 1 shake diet beforehand which was Herbalife, I did not enjoy that. Before starting the shakes I spoke with my doctor to get the thumbs up as I have to take medication for my hashimoto thyroiditis and my diabetes. I got the thumbs up but was told to make sure I had a snack and if I felt funny in way then to eat something.

My starting weight was 14st 5lb. I'm not proud of that weight but hey I'm trying my best to get it down. I don't have an ideal weight in my head but I would like to get down to the 12st area which seems so far away. I'm not one to keep an eye on the BMI as I think it's a load of crap, when I was a size 8 I was told I was borderline overweight because of my weight.

So how did I find week 1, I'm not going to lie I found it difficult some days. Monday was pretty easy as was Tuesday but by Wednesday I felt so hungry and a little weak not to mention hangry (angry and hungry). On Wednesday I decided it would be best to just have one shake so I had toast for breakfast a shake for lunch then a healthy dinner. On Thursday I was back to the two shakes, I have two flavours so instead of sticking to one flavour at a time I had a strawberry for breakfast and then a chocolate for lunch. Friday was the same two shakes followed by a healthy dinner which on Friday was pasta and chicken. On the weekend I was a total fail. Liam was away sea fishing so I had planned a movie night with the kids and we had pizza and snacks, popcorn and chocolate. I'm human and everyone needs a treat I think I do more harm when I deny myself a treat. On the Sunday I had no shakes but also didn't have breakfast or lunch but we were at a BBQ I didn't eat too many carbs as they just cling to me and can make me a little bit poorly anyway if I eat too many.

BBQ Sunday
I weighed myself on the same scales and in the same clothes, in fact pretty much no clothes as I want this to be as accurate as it can be. As I stepped on the numbers started flying about up and down but I was surprised to see 13st 13lbs, which is a loss of 6lbs. I was a little bit annoyed with myself as I knew that I would of lost more if I would of stuck to two shakes and a meal but I also know that I have to be careful because of my Diabetes and my Hashimoto's. 

Looking forward I'm excited to see how much more I can lose I hope for at least a 4lb loss this week. I'm finding the shakes really tasty with Strawberry being my favourite flavour. When I mix my shakes up I leave them to stand for a minute as they get thicker the longer they stand and for me it just feels for foodie, the shakes do fill me to a certain extent but it's the action of eating that I seem to miss.
A current side view

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