Monday, 16 July 2018

Success In Online Dating

I used to think online dating was just a way to find a quick hook up. So naturally after I left my ex I signed up. You may be thinking that that was a bit of a quick move but mine and my ex's relationship had been loveless from the start, thank King Henry for divorce. I can't say I was looking for love in fact I was just looking for more of a casual thing. There were so many free dating site that it took a while to choose the right one for me.

my dating profile picture
I found creating my profile difficult and trying to find a picture that didn't scream comes with issue's. In my profile it listed a lot of hobbies that weren't actually my hobbies I had just tried them maybe once or twice, it outlined outlines what I wanted in life. Happiness, love and a guy who wasn't an asshole. No sooner had I finished my profile my inbox was getting messages and I felt giddy. Seriously it's a good boost if your feeling shitty. I opened my inbox and was welcomed with an assortment of messages.
'your eyes are like pools I want to drown in'
'your legs must be aching because you have been running through my mind all day'
'your well fit fancy a'
I don't think I need to add the end to that last one. Some I replied to just because they look pretty hot and others I deleted. I couldn't believe how rude some guys were but luckily I have thick skin and could take all the hate when I politely refused offers or ignored them.

After a week of having my profile I had a message from a guy who was younger than me. His message wasn't asking for sex or some cheesy chat up line it was simply asking how I was and what was I look for on this website. I didn't reply straight away in fact it was two days later after I had checked his profile out and to see how far away he was, I was also not too sure as he was younger than me only by 2 years but I wanted someone older to connect with. I sent a simple reply back and we instantly started messaging back and forth, we eventually swapped phone numbers.

We would spend the days texting each other and just getting know each other. At this point I felt nothing romantically, maybe it was because we hadn't actually met. After about 2 months of messaging I was getting ready to go to a pole dancing lesson and just as I set off the lesson was cancelled and I ended up outside his house. This is probably one of the most stupidest of things I have ever done, I had never met this guy and although we had spoken on the phone I had no proof he was who he said he was. His door opened and luckily he was who he said he was, he gave me an awkward hug and said 'Hiya you alright' I giggled and blurted out 'hmm your bit more northern then I thought you'd be'
That night I met his mum, dad and brother and we sat in his room playing on the Xbox. Not what I imagined it would be like when I first met him that's for sure.

One Of Our Dates
We always look back at how weird it was on the night we first actually met and how in hindsight I was really stupid in meeting him at his own house. We have been together now for seven year's we have two pretty awesome kids and we are planning a wedding. Online dating can be a real success you just have to be patient and choose the right website for what you are looking for. There are so many to choose from such as Match Me Happy.

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