Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Idea's For An Affordable Date

Having kids has made it harder for Liam and me to spend time together, in the seven years that we have been together we have only been on a handful of dates. The thing is we love dates and spending time together without the kids so we can be a couple and not just mum and dad. I have made a little list (I love lists) of affordable date idea's.

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Cosy Night In 
You don't need a new outfit or to spend money on getting your hair done, just make a little effort wear something comfy and Netflix and Chill! Of course you are going to want to get some food, order in and make sure you have some snacks.

Trip To The Pub
Many of our local pubs serve food and have a bit of a disco on during the night. Enjoy a nice meal, plenty of places have 2-4-1 deals, then enjoy watching people singing their heart out to karaoke. You don't have to dress to impress a nice pair of jeans and a sparkly top will do the job.

Such a cliche I know but have you tried to watch a film with a two year old who refuses to sleep? Take some snacks in a bag and just buy drinks unless you can find some online voucher's. We have been twice to the cinema and each time we called at KFC before hand so then we wouldn't want lots of snacks.

Bowling/Ice Skating/Go Karting
When I first started to speak to Liam it stated I liked all three of the above, dating sites love that hobby section. Truth was I only actually really enjoyed bowling, which I still think is one of the best dates you can go on. You get to see the real person when it comes to a game of winning or losing. Again a lot of these bowling places have fab week day deals so you can really grab an affordable date night whilst kicking their ass.

Every town has tribute bands and some of them are pretty good but you can usually find some sort of comedy gig to go and watch if that is more your thing. Liam and me have been lucky in that he can get cheaper tickets through his work and we have been to see some great bands and comedians. We normally opt for something quick to eat like Taco Bell, I forced everyone to eat there before going to watch Blink 182.

What is your idea of a great affordable date? or maybe one of the above is your go to date night?

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