Monday, 30 July 2018


Eryn has just turned two which is crazy as it doesn't feel that long ago. I know that's totally cliché but I think it's because my pregnancy with her dragged and life seemed so slow and as soon as she arrived so much changed from moving house to getting a new car not to mention Jared starting school which speeds everything up, well not everything as Monday morning traffic during the school run is still about as quick as a snail. Anyway back to Eryn, she got a great selection of gifts, books, clothes, shoes and of course toys. She didn't know what to play with first although she did get excited about the shoes, she has a slight shoe obsession.

Some of the toys Eryn got were easy to work out how to set up and play with them other we had to refer to the technical documentation. Such as the Ariel bubble blower and water sprinkler she got from my mum, it connects to a hose but I still spent a solid 10 minutes trying to work out where the bubble mixture went and then a further 5 ok maybe more figuring which hose pipe head was needed. The manual explained things much better but I think it would of been useful to have picture diagrams. I prefer the one's with pictures so that it  makes it easier to identify which parts go where whilst trying to tell your kind to hang on while they impatiently loom over you asking "is it ready".

Majority of  these manuals are multilingual manuals now a days which is great not just because we are living in a more diverse country where there are so many different languages spoken but it also helps if you are learning a language. Sounds crazy doesn't it? but if you think about it actually makes great reading material, you literally have the correct structure in a sentence and the translation into your language as well. I definitely think we need more uses for manual's as after they have served their purpose they tend to get shoved in a draw.

We have a very large collection of manuals (we all have that draw full, don't we) which I really need to go through. I think the oldest one I came across actually belonged to me when I was 13/14 it was for an Alba CD and tape, yes tape!, player. I loved that thing I always felt cool carrying it around with my group of mates.

I have considered making my own manuals, child friendly manuals. As Jared is getting older he wants to do more for himself so I was thinking of just making a few up for little things such as, how to make a sandwich, step by step of working the washing machine and a few other little chores. Who know I could be on Dragon's Den next year (is that still going?). To be honest I actually think that would be a really cool idea maybe turn it into a book with different age appropriate chore manuals throughout with really awesome illustrations. If this already exists let me know and if not then I'm just saying this was my idea first and I expect 50% if you steal it.

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