Monday, 25 June 2018

Sweet Pups Review And Giveaway

Children just love to collect thing's from pine cones, shells, toys and stickers just to name a few. If your child loves to collect thing's then they might like these collectable soft plush toys Sweet Pups. Sweet Pup's is a collection of 12 sweet pastry treats which transform into cute little puppies and if that wasn't sweet (pun intended) enough they are also scented.

We were sent a Sweet Pup to review, Eryn spotted a parcel and every time a parcel arrives the kids argue over who is opening it. As Jared was at school I thought it would be best for me to open and actually be able to get a picture of it in the packaging. The packaging is simple and clear so you can see the pastry though it. Eryn at this point was just looking at me repeating "ME" meaning she wanted to have a look and see what it was.

The Sweet Pup we received was a chocolate scented macaroon which changed into a pup called Romeo. At first I wasn't aware that it was scented it was until Eryn started licking it, which is actually pretty normal in our house. As she licked it I took it off her to tell her (for the 100th time) that we don't lick everything, that is when I could smell the chocolate.

To change from pastry to pup is really simple Eryn can even do it. You undo the velcro and flip it inside out then do the velcro back up. The macaroon is rubbery feeling whilst the pup is just soft and cuddly.

What the kids liked about Sweet Pups was that you could use it in many play roles. They had afternoon tea with a chocolate macaroon then they played vets with the pup, there was also a game which involved the pup being a superhero and defeating the crocodile in order to rescue the princess Peppa.

You can find Sweet Pup's on Amazon for £7.99 they are also in Claire's they are perfect for a little birthday gift or dare I say a stocking filler for Christmas.   Win 1x Sweet Pups

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