Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My Personalised Phone Case

When I got my phone there wasn't many choices when it came to choosing a phone cover. The Google Pixel 2 came out when I was due an upgrade so I was limited to clear, black or white phone covers. I chose the clear one and vowed I would find one that better suited later.

A while later and still no phone cover that I liked, they were all to girly or one that every other person had. Which for me is no good, I like to be individual and I also like to be able to spot my phone should I ever lose it (touch wood I never do). I decided to look online and still had the same issue but also not many did them for my phone. I then got the opportunity to work with a company that make personalised phone cases.

I now had the task of choosing what I wanted on my phone case which is hard as I can barely choose what to cook for dinner. Should it be a picture of my adorable children, my dog or maybe one of my drawings? I spent a while looking through pictures and decided against the idea of having any of them and instead went along the lines of choosing something that made me feel happy. The one thing (aside from my kids) that makes me feel happy and have good memories with is the band Blink 182. Yep that's right I'm a 28 year old mother of two who loves pop punk, well actually I love all punk and rock music and my phone is usually blaring out either Blink 182 or Slipknot depending on how I feel. So back to my choice of case design I flicked through various pictures from when I went to see Blink 182 and even toyed with the idea of creating a collage so I could include the gorgeous alien hunter Tom DeLonge ( I love that man's voice). I didn't have any suitable pictures from when I saw them in Leeds but then I remembered that one of my friends bought the poster for the tour at Leeds (each tour venue has it's own poster design) and that was exactly what I wanted on my phone.

The design has lot's of colour which I thought would be good to put the test as I know some can print out with a duller shade. The process when uploading the image to the website was easy and I had a play around to get the sizing right and so that the wording was still readable and showed not just the main band name but also the amazing support acts of the night. I found the whole ordering process really easy to use and I wasn't having to enter loads of information over and over again. Once I was happy with how the case looked on screen I completed the order and just had to sit and wait for it to arrive. I had express delivery which is 2-3 days and it came within the 2 days. The packaging was great and not oversized for the product, unlike some companies who feel they need to use a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap and parcel paper. I was a little nervous to open the package as I really wanted this poster to look great, I was not disappointed. Like I mentioned the case has a lot of colour on, vibrant colour. The colour's are sharp and clear and there is no pixelation of the picture nor the wording, this is what I was most nervous about as I have ordered pictures in the past that have then ended up looking like something out of Minecraft.

Overall I'm more than happy with my phone case and the process of creating and ordering. I spent longer thinking about what to have on it then I did either writing this post or ordering it. If you are looking to make your own case then I would recommend using this website they have a wide range of phone cases they can make so whether you an Apple, Sony, Huawei a Google or something else you can find a case to fit. Price's vary depending on the phone and the type of case you choose so my case is a retail price of £12.45. As well as phone cases they also offer cases for Ipad's and power bank's.

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