Thursday, 14 June 2018

Modibodi Review

When it comes to underwear gone are the days of me wearing a thing or some sexy french knickers. I tend to go for a mini brief now which is more for feeling comfortable than anything else.

Since having my kids a brief is more needed as well, pelvic floor muscles have certainly weakened. I find myself needing to get to the toilet quicker to avoid any accidents but not only that my period's have become a bit heavier. It's a bit of an embarrassing subject but something that many of us experience and it can make us feel awkward. I find being at the younger age I don't really need panty liners and I wouldn't feel completely comfortable wearing them.

Thankfully there are alternatives out there, one of them being ModiBodi pants. The pants I tried are classic bikini style in black with a band with their name on. The absorption part is built in and is actually really comfy, I was worried that I would feel it whilst moving but once they are on they just felt normal except slightly more comfortable. This particular style can be used without any other products on a low-medium period flow, it felt strange not using anything else a feeling you get used to. If you have heavy periods these are great as a safety measure, I'm sure we have all experienced a leak even while wearing a tampon.

There are many different styles to choose and different levels of absorption. I really like that by using these pants I'm lowering the use of pads which is not only saving me money but also helping reduce the use of single use plastic products. Having had a good look on the website I'm really happy with their prices compared to similar items I've seen on the market.

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