Friday, 15 June 2018

18 Summers Wish List

Time goes far too quickly and apparently it goes that quick that we only actually get 18 summers with our children! which for me means I have 13 left with Jared and 16 left with Eryn. It wasn't until I read that that I realised how precious time is and how I need to make more memories with them before they get to the point where they don't want to anymore. Below is my list of 18 wishes of what and how I want to spend those 18 years.

Road Trip
I want to rent a camper van and take them on a road trip ideally America would be my go to place but I think it would be great for them to experience the UK more. Although we try and visit lots of place around the UK it can be exhausting travelling back and fourth so if we could take off for two weeks and start one end and work our way to the other that would be so much fun.

Try New Foods
If we get to be so lucky to travel to different countries I want them to experience different foods. So many children become fussy eaters and then as an adult become even fussier. I maybe would draw the line at them eating scorpions but if they really wanted to try it who am I to say no.

Love To Learn
In life they will need some many skills some more useful than others. I always felt pressured to learn and as a result didn't enjoy learning and rebelled. I want my kids to love it and want to learn new things. Learn to play an instrument, ride a bike, ride a horse, speak a new language or even learn archery.
Be Wild
Enjoy being able to climb a tree and make den's in bushes. Enjoy being able to forest for food's and know which are safe to eat. It may not be as useful as it once was but it's fun and still useful, we often go strawberry picking at a pick your own but how great is it when your walking through the woods and come across a blackberry bush and pick them.

Visit The World
Ok visiting the world may be a bit ambitious but I want to explore and experience new places with my children. We have spoken about this before and Jared really wants to visit Japan (apparently there is a all you can eat cookie shop). Other places include Thailand, America, Germany, Italy and Canada.

Be Responsible
My children are both really good with their manner's but one thing that they do need to learn is responsibility. Jared still thinks it is my job do to everything for him but he is slowly learning that it is his responsibility to keep his room clean and put his washing on the wash pile. I don't want to do everything for my children I want them to learn age appropriate responsibilities.

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