Saturday, 19 May 2018

My Life Sentence

Ok so maybe the header sounds a bit dramatic but having a condition such as an under active thyroid is something you have for life. In 2008 it was discovered that I have Hashimoto thyroiditis which is an autoimmune condition and happens to be a common cause for hypothyroidism. I wasn't informed that my hypothyroidism was a result of Hashimoto's until two weeks ago, it took ten years for them to inform me. However I was told in 2010 that I had an under active thyroid yet another two and a half years before they thought to give me medication to help me. It is my understanding after spending years of nagging the GP and trawling through forums that GP's don't really have a clue when it comes down to thyroid issues.

When I began to get medication I didn't really notice much of a change as I had just had a baby who was very ill in hospital so everything I was feeling I put down to that. I never really understood my diagnosis at first and everything I looked up was just relating to my under active thyroid as I wasn't aware of the hashi's. I have been doing everything that people had recommend but recently things just weren't right and if you have an under active thyroid you will know when things just aren't right.

Since last year I have had several problems that I didn't associate with each other to begin with, the first was my gut. I was suffering a lot after eating with a sudden need to use the toilet and horrendous cramping I was tested for Crohn's and Coeliac which all came back clear but the matter died down after I made very little changes to my diet and eating habit's. The next issue was my joints and body in general just aching constantly to the point that I needed to take painkillers (something I never normally do) the issue giving me the post pain was my wrist so I was sent for an electrical conduction test on my arm to test for carpal tunnel, and I was also tested for arthritis. Again all was clear and no solution was given other than to not over do it and to lose weight. Yeah because losing weight is so easy when you have an under active thyroid! I also started to become extremely fatigued and yawn constantly which led to me making an appointment a few weeks ago.

I walked in sat down and told her I was not leaving her room until she referred me to a specialist as I can not continue living like this. I told her it was not normal for a 28 year old to want a nap during the day because they physically can not stay awake then to be tucked up in bed at 9pm later that night. I explained that over the past few weeks things had begun to get worse and I have been struggling to talk (Liam said I sounded drunk) and remember things. It was at this point she said 'Oh you have Hashimoto's' I looked at her with a blank face and replied with 'I've got what'. She went on to tell me that in 2008 when I lost my first son they had discovered that I have Hashimoto's and that somewhere while moving doctor's it had been coded differently and nobody had looked through my history on that matter. Great. My refferal was sent there and then and blood's were ordered to re-test for diabetes, I have type 2 now but I'll leave that for another day. I get to see my consultant on the 31st May which I'm actually really excited about as I will hopefully find some answer's and ways to deal with my ever growing list of symptoms. In the mean time I my medication of Levothyroxine has been increased from 150mcg to 175mcg which is the higher end of the scale.

I wanted to write this post as when I was first diagnosed I had no idea what it meant and if I'm honest I just thought it meant I was going to be fat all my life. I felt really lonely and when I told people they would say oh yeah my aunt has that or oh I think my other friend has that. I was never told how important the medication or how serious the condition can be. I wasn't aware of how I would always have this looming over my head and how my symptoms would come and go depending on a wide range of factor's such as temperature of diet. I'm glad that I now know I have hashi's as I can now learn how to deal with this and how I can hopefully get back to feeling somewhat normal. I will be writing up about my chin wag with the consultant so be sure to check back.   

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