Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Hair Loss After Baby Number 2

I've always had a thick head of hair, I have moaned about it for years. It's to heavy, it knots easily and it cost more to dye it. Hairdresser's like my hair they say it's easy to manage and to style, for them yes for me not so easy. I used to try all different ways to wear my hair until I had my daughter in 2016.

After I had Eryn I started to notice my hair had changed in texture and it looked rather dull. It was getting me down so I took a trip to the hairdresser's and while having my hair washed she asked me if I always lost this much hair? I lied and said yeah and explained I had just had a baby, inside I was dying. Once home I read up everything about Female hair loss. Although reading about it didn't make it any easier.

I began to obsess about the amount of hair I was losing every time I washed or brushed it. On the crown of my head it was noticeably thinner but thankfully I didn't have a bald spot. I took to either having my hair in a ponytale or a bun just so others didn't notice. After a few months I decided to speak to my doctor as I wasn't sure how much longer this hair loss would go on for. I was told that it was normal after having a baby but it could also be down to my current medical issues and stress.

It's been two years since it started and I still have an increase in the amount of hair I'm losing but I've come to terms with it a bit more now. I use less products on my hair and I don't brush it, luckily with my wavy curly hair it looks ok and doesn't need a brush. I have gone for a better shampoo that contains less harmful chemicals, but I alternate between one bought from a hairdresser's and one from lush. My crown is still a lot thinner than other parts of my hair I learning to just accept it and until I have a bald patch I'm stuck on what I can do.

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