Saturday, 5 May 2018

Birthday Party Drama's

This month Jared-David turns 6, ahh it's going too quick. We had been talking since his last birthday about what he wanted to do this year (apparently kids like to plan parties from the minute there last one ends). We had talked about a few affordable options and how many friends he could invite etc etc.

I had a voucher for a trampoline party and he seemed very keen on this idea, we then visited the place and it's was too far of a drive for anyone who would be coming. So we put a line through that one and looked at option 2.

Option 2 was a soft play party bus that would sit out the front of our house. Soft play and kids parties go hand in hand and it was a reasonable price too, £145 for 2 hours with food for 16 kids. I tried calling I sent emails and I was just ignored so they lost a customer because I needed to book something and I'd been chasing them for at least a month.

Option 3 was a simple at home party, bouncy castle in the garden with hot dogs chips and burgers. He could invite his whole class if he wanted but then the bouncy castle's were booked and I don't think I'd have enough cups for tea for the parents. Apprently that is a thing now too parents stay at parties?! Does this happen at yours or is it just my son's school's parents?

So what have we gone for? Bowling. Yep he wants a bowling party which is in just over 2 weeks, we booked it and paid for a set number of kids and handed the invites out. So far only 3 can come as my son's birthday clashes with the second bank holiday everyone has plan's. We couldn't have any other dates as it was booked up the week before. As a mum I feel awful not because we will lose money but because my son has already got upset that his cousin and 2 best friends can't come. It's like his 3rd birthday all over again. I just don't know what else to do but keep my fingers crossed that the others can come. I hate seeing my kids upset but apart from inviting random kids from the park to the party I feel I'm fighting a losing battle.

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