Friday, 11 May 2018

5 Time's We Needed A Solution

I think everyone has at some point found themselves a little strap for cash. For most people they have a little money saved or family who can lend a hand. For those who don't it can be very stressful when that extra cash is needed. At time's in my life I have needed to use all our savings and also short term loans. The past few years has been a difficult one for us as we have had to put wedding plans on hold, I want to share with you 5 times when we have needed some extra cash.

1. Car troubles: when it comes to car's I have no luck at all. Things for us went really bad this year when on our way back from celebrating New Year's our car broke-down. I rang my mum who had added my car to her breakdown cover, to find out that she had forgot to add it. This meant that we had to find money to get home and fix our car. We had only had the car for 6 months when this happened I was devastated but luckily it was fixable, but such bad luck that both driveshafts had broke. We had to pay upfront for a full breakdown package but when it comes to renewing I will be looking on this breakdown comparison site.

2. Christmas: I'm normally prepared when it comes to Christmas as I shop all year round scouting the sales for potential gifts. However the Christmas just gone both our families wanted to come to us this lead to us needing to buy more cutlery and a lot of food. Our families chipped in a little but as we had been bouncing from Liam's family to mine for the past 6 years it was only fair we bought the most. Our solution to this was to up our overdraft limit.

3. Birthday's: With Jared now being in school we have partie's to attend and partie's to pay for and I now understand the stress of kids birthday parties. I like for Jared to choose what he wants to do for his party, last year he wanted Batman so we hired a hall, made food, party bags and hired Batman it was not as cheap as I had hoped. This year we set a limit and he chose a budget friendly party, but I have to make the party bags and cake. The day we went to pay we had a flat tyre which resulted in needing a new one (no car luck at all I told you) so we needed a solution. Short term loan was the best option for us.  Lender such as I find are great for situations like this especially when your in-between paydays.

4. Work: Who would think that working would make money issue's worse. When I changed job's I knew my wage would go down but it wasn't anything major so we thought it would be ok. Well we thought wrong, I don't know how both parents can work and juggle kids. I had to change from full time to part time, not to just spend more time with my kids but because I needed to find 4 different child care settings, I needed a childminder for my daughter to then take her to nursery and then a childminder to take my son to school then he would attend after school club. After pricing it all up we were looking at around £800 a month altogether. There isn't much flexibility in working hours nor much help for working parents. So I've left work but now we need to re-budget everything. We have been using CAB budgeting help.

5. The Unexpected: By this I mean everything and anything. As we currently have no savings we can't afford to just replace item's. This month my hoover broke on me, just in time for my dog to start malting everywhere. As we can't afford to go out and buy a new one we have been using our local freecycle website in the hopes that we will find a generous person gifting one, in the mean time we are lending my mum's when she isn't using it. Freecycle groups are great and we try to give as much as we can as we understand the struggles of life, if you search Facebook you should be able to find one for your area.

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