Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Healthy Shopping Price Difference

Something everyone has been talking about lately is the fact that Britain is getting fatter! The thing is all we are told is the risks of being overweight and that we should lose weight. At the moment I'm currently trying to work with my GP and shift the extra pounds, sorry stones that I'm carrying. As I'm currently borderline diabetic losing this weight is important for me, it is not easy for me at all as I have an under-active thyroid which makes it difficult for me to lose weight. The advice I have been given from my GP is, exercise and to change my diet.

As a family we have been making small changes and better decision's when it comes to food but I know we could do better, what is stopping me is the cost and time it takes to prepare food from scratch which I know is a lot healthier than using a jar of sauce. We tend to use sauces from jars for majority of our meals simply because of how easy it is, when I have time I do prepare food from scratch but I will admit that it's very rare that I do. When speaking to healthcare professionals I was told that it costs no more to cook food from scratch than it does to buy a jar of sauce, so I decided to look into that for myself using online shopping and showing not just the healthcare professionals but also you the difference.

For this shopping I took a typical week of what we would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The shopping list doesn't contain snacks or drinks another thing to take note of is that the fresh vegetables may not last the full week depending what dates the products have on them when purchasing (we do judge our food on the way it looks and smells and not just the date given). Here is a list of what we would be eating:

Monday: Cereal, Ham Sandwich, Chicken Curry
Tuesday: Cereal, Sandwich, Pasta Bake
Wednesday: Toast, Bacon Sandwich, Sausage Casserole
Thursday: Cereal, Omelette, Cottage Pie
Friday: Cereal, Sandwich, Burger and chips
Saturday: Cereal, Sandwich, Pizza
Sunday, Cereal, Sandwich, Sunday Roast

So I made my shopping list and put everything in the virtual trolley and I was pleased with the total which was £66.99. I then did the shop again but this time making a few changes so we switched the sandwich's for crackers and soft cheese but chose the healthier options of low fat cheese and wholemeal crackers. Main meals would be staying the same we would just pick healthier ways to make them and make majority of them from scratch using healthy recipe's. For the burger we switched to turkey, for the mince I switched that for mince with 5% fat and the pizza would be made by following a slimming world recipe. I was a bit surprised at the total as I had been told by almost every person who is supporting me on this weight loss and healthy eating change that I would see my shopping bills decrease in price however that was not the case the total for the healthier shop was £79.67. That was an increase of just under £13 which may not sound a lot but when you have an extra £13 a week onto your food bill every week it soon adds up.


I think that it is important for people to eat healthier and making changes where they can but I understand why we as a country are becoming fatter, it's simply cheaper to eat the unhealthier options. The country is spending so much money on campaigns to highlight all the bad choices but what are they doing in the ways of reducing cost? The problem is that people don't want to make a change but simply that it is expensive!

We are trying our best and making affordable changes but more needs to be done when it comes to the cost's. I just want to point out that we are not a family that has takeaway's nor do we slob about and shovel junk food in our mouths. We go out every weekend for a long walk and on a Saturday we usually have a family treat night where we will eat pizza and watch a film with a unhealthy snack but most night's the kids have a yogurt and a piece of fruit for their pudding and snack's are limited.   

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