Sunday, 10 December 2017

Learning With New Skills Academy

As cliché as this sounds I'm just going to say it! You are never to old to learn something or return back to education. When I was in school and faced with making a decision ofwhat I wanted to do with life I literally had no idea. Well that's a lie I wanted to be a funeral director but my school were discouraging and pushed me towards hair and beauty, a course a later never attended too.

I have worked many jobs in my life my most rewarding job was being a support worker. A job that I feel is forgotten about and not appreciated by others, I personally think that all support workers deserve more recognition for the hard work they do. I was once asked why I was so tierd because wasn't I just a companion for the person I was supporting? I was quick to defend myself stating I had just finished a 24hr shift where my client who had schizophrenia had been having a bad day and refused medication, food and had been in an awful mood. I had to support them with what they wanted to do, cook and clean as well as complete my paperwork sort out the medication update files and finish my mental health course. This is a career where not many opportunities to further your education come up but when they did you bet you I wanted to be on them. I always strive to do my best and expand my knowledge.

Unfortunately when I had my daughter I just couldn't continue with be a support worker due to the hours. So I switched to being a retail assistant in a supermarket. It's not glamorous and definitely not as rewarding but it suits my family life. My only issue is, I don't want to just stack shelves for the rest of my life. I'm one of those people who needs more, more responsibility and paperwork. I love paperwork and organisation, I can't be the only one. The issue is I don't have much experience other than being a head housekeeper once upon a time and then working as a manager for 8 months. So when I saw an opportunity to work with new skills academy I just knew I had today yes.

I chose to study the retail management diploma. The course is broken down into sections and is open for 12 months meaning you can study at a pace that suits you. The website works on my phone aswell so when I have Eryn-Rose asleep on me I can just open it up and continue with my reading material. There is a few activities to take part in but these involve printing out but I guess you could just write them down if you don't have a printer. I've not yet come to the end of my course but I know there is an assessment to see if I have absorbed and understood all of the information given to me. I then get the option to pay £10 for my certificate or just print out a copy, for me I personally would like to pay to receive my copy as I think it will look better for future job prospects.

There are so many courses available on the website that I'm sure you will find something that will suit you. I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to further their education to go for it, you only live once so why not make the most of it.

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