Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Weird And Wonderful Foods

The other day I sat down with something a little bit different for my lunch. A chicken and mushroom pot noodle, Sandwich. Now I do like a pot noodle but I only really have one in a Sandwich. Apparently this isn't to everyone's taste but then not everything is. I took to social media to see if I could find some other obscure food combinations, I was not let down at all.

A common theme seemed to be Sandwiches and that literally anything in-between two slices of bread was edible. Here are a few you may enjoy or might want to try:
Lettuce and Bovril
Bacon crisps in a ham sandwich
Strawberry jam sandwichs with salt and vinegar crisps
Cheddar cheese and jam sandwiches
Mint sauce sandwiches
Twiglet sandwiches
Bovril and cream cheese sandwich
Pea Sandwich with ketchup
Marmite, cheese spread and ham on a cracker Ok so this is cracker based but sounds amazing and like it would work well in bread.

Another main ingredient in weird food combinations is crisps. I'm not a huge crisp lover I have my flavours and I'm not too experimental with them but other people are and that makes some tasty combo's:
Ready salted crisps dipped into salad cream
Cool Doritos dipped into cookie dough ice cream
Ready Salted crisps with milk chocolate also flavour of choice dipped in melted chocolate
Crushed chilli heatwave Doritos on top of tuna pasta bake, or any pasta bake
Cottage cheese with crushed up crisps
Quavers with Gravy
Wotsits on top of a pot noodle

I'm not sure as to how these combinations came together. Some I think are an amazing taste sensation and others I think are a recipe for a dodgy tummy. For many of my odd combo's they stem from being a child or a young woman with hardly any money and just bread and a pot noodle in the kitchen. One of the oldest combo's from my childhood that I do not have anymore is a drink I made. I would get a cup of coke and add a couple sachets of sugar (as if there wasn't enough) I would then add several little milk creamer pots, give it a stir and down it went.

I just want to thank the following for sharing their weird and wonderful combinations.
Nick from Baddadu.com
Katy from Katykicker.com
Aleena from mummy mama mum
Pete from household money saving
Anna from meanniebee.com
Sarah from tobygoesbananas.co.uk
Lynne from mad maddens
Kate from mummy kate
Rebecca from Queen Bee Becca
Alex from better together home
Sharon from Everyonesbuckstopshere.co.uk
Cat from rock and roll pussycat
Georgina from geegardner.co.uk

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