Friday, 6 October 2017

Blogtober: Flowers

Today's prompt for Blogtober17 is flowers. I was think of using a previous review then I remembered, today marks 17 years since I lost my Nan.

It got me thinking about how many people sent flowers to show their condolences. The usually flowers are Lillies. Many other flowers are given such as carnations and gladioli. The reason we give flowers is a symbol to show understanding of the grief, pain and to show support. I can't remember what flowers I chose for my Nan but we do still have every single flower card that came along with the flowers. My Nan's favourite flower was the sweetpea, a flower that is declining in population.

The last time I received flowers was a while ago. I had had a really crap day the kids were driving me crazy and I just felt so down. Liam came home with a bunch of flowers to cheer me up, the flowers didn't cheer me up it was the symbol/meaning behind him getting me them that did. I suppose flowers are a way of us communicating our emotions when we're unsure of what to say or do but we just want to show we care.

If you get a few minutes have a read of my review on this online florist who we always use when we want to send flowers to friends and family Prestige flowers.

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