Sunday, 1 October 2017

Blogtober: All About Me

During this month I'm taking part in Blogtober along with many other bloggers. Today's post is all about me and I thought the best approach to this subject was a good question and answer post.

Name: Jade Leanne Bremner

Age: 27

Married?!: I'm engaged to my amazing yet annoying fiancé Liam.

Children: I have 4 but two were too good to walk this earth and they grew wings too soon.

Pepsi or Coke: See the thing is I like both I like Pepsi max though not regular Pepsi.

Sweet or salted?: Sweet but I prefer toffee.

Favourite season: I love winter. My reason for this is I like that I'm not on edge about bugs, I can have hearty dinners like a stew. Also in summer I can only take so many layers off but in winter I can pile them on and off.

Favourite colour: This changes depending on my mood so right now I'd say purple.

Favourite film: I love horror films, I really love Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Do you read?: I haven't read much lately but I do really enjoy reading. Karin Slaughter I would say is one of my favourite authors and I still have some of her books to get through.

What's your earliest memory?: OK so I was really really young maybe about 3 so it's crazy that I actually remember but I do and my mum confirms this actually happened. We were living in temporary housing, crappy flats full of drug users. One day I was in the hallway and this guy starts looking through the letterbox asking me topped the door. I didn't open the door but it's something I will always remember we never found out who the person was.

Favourite holiday: I haven't been on holiday many times. My favourite would be back in 2000 when my Nan took me on holiday in Weymouth and she nominated me to win an award which I did win and I got a Tiger Club badge.

First ever date: My first ever date was actually with my fiancé. I won't say it's the best date but hey something worked as six years and two kids later. We went on a 2-4-1 cinema trip where Liam told me we couldn't watch the film he said we were watching as he hates horror films we ended up watching some robot fighting rubbish. We had a McDonald's before I drove him to his local pub he offered to buy me a drink (coke as I was driving) he then had to borrow money off me.

So there you have it a few questions about me. I could of wrote a paragraph or two but I'm not great at writing about myself and this seemed more fun.

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