Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why I Won't Be Raising My Children Gender Neutral

It seems that everyone is jumping on the gender neutral band-wagon! To be honest I'm tired of seeing and hearing about it. As it seems to be the latest talking point I thought I would throw my two pence in and state why I will not be following the crowd.

For me the main reason is my daughter. I don't want her to feel equal to a male, ever! and I don't really want my son to feel equal to a female either. My reason for this is really simple, they're not equal and never will be and that is ok.

I want Eryn-Rose to be proud of being a female, I want her to see how much women fought to get where they are now all the while juggling a family and housework. When she is old enough to understand that she is different to her brother I want her to embrace that. I will teach my daughter the importance of being a girl and hopefully raise an intelligent strong woman who won't take crap from anyone but will respect everyone, no matter the gender, race or beliefs. I hope that my daughter will grow up and love her body and feel comfortable in wearing whatever she wants. When my daughters body starts to change I want her to be ready for that and I want her to understand what is going on and why she looks and sounds different to her brother.

Women have fought so hard to be able to be equal to men and it will never happen. I don't see why it needs to happen?! I have heard people groan on about the pay difference but in many of us working class families we are on set wages in set organisations and there is no pay difference as we are all on an hourly rate. It seems it's only the bigger jobs with salaries rather than hourly rate this affects. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is right but really if you are not happy then either leave or shut up. During my reading sessions on this topic another point raised was how we push certain stereotypes on our children, again I don't think there is much wrong with this. It's part of life we all make assumptions of  others and if you said you don't then think again! I have been the subject of many jokes relating to stereotyping but not one of them based on my gender.

When it comes to my son I want him to see that woman are amazing. I also want him to see how amazing men are too. We can't change the history of the human species and he will learn so much on how men did these great and amazing things. It doesn't make either sex any weaker than the other. In my opinion there are and always will things that one sex is better at than the other, again not a sign of weakness it's just a part of life.

What a child wears or plays with will not make them sexist, racist, gay or anything else. A child will learn and become who they are from a whole range of factors and the main one will be what they are taught in life and environment they live in. While one mum is making a statement by placing their son in a dress another son is learning on how to be a gentlemen and respect everyone. I don't agree in dressing my children in anything that they don't feel comfortable in or will make them a subject to be talked about. Let's face it every mum and possible dad has gossiped due to some statement being made at the school gates. I just hope parents actually take note of what their child wants rather than just joining in and placing some idea they think is great onto their child and forcing them to live that way.  

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