Monday, 18 September 2017

Great Uses For Baby Shampoo

A few days ago I found another great use for baby shampoo. I got speaking to a few mum's who also found alternate uses, rather than just washing our kids hair. I was actually surprised at some of the uses and wondered how you would even think to use it for that. I'm glad they did anyway as I can now share that use with you.

1. Good bye shower gel, well not completely but when it comes to shaving my legs I'm ditching the shaving gels and shower gels and using baby shampoo. My legs were so soft and smooth after using this, I actually sat rubbing my nice silky smooth legs. 

2. Cleaning make-up brushes, I'm guilty of never cleaning any of my make up brushes. I'm not very good with the whole make-up girly bits but I was told that using a drop of baby shampoo mixed with some warm water will make those make-up brushes like new. 

3. And it's not just make-up brushes that it will clean. It will clean water based paints off of your brushes too. 

4. One for the dad's keep a bottle handy in your tool box for if you need to lubricate any rusty nuts and bolts. I was told this is great for lubricating and also cheaper than some of the products you can buy. 

5. A friend who is a hairdresser says that it is good for soaking brushes and combs in to remove any oil's from them. This is something I'm currently trying as my hairbrush is in need of a good soak. 

6. Cleaning, I pulled a face at this one but apparently it is good for cleaning your cooker tops and the bathroom. I love having a clean cooker so this is something I'm keen to try out as I spend a fortune on cooker and oven cleaning products. For the bathroom it's good for getting your taps sparkling clean plus it smells good. 

Do you have any unusual uses for baby shampoo? Have you tried any of the above mentioned? I'd like to add that it doesn't have to be a named brand baby shampoo the keep and cheerful brands work just as well.   

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