Friday, 11 August 2017

Kids Vs Fruit & Veg

It can sometimes be a struggle getting my kids to have 1 of their 5 a day. We go through phases in our house, one week Jared will like certain vegetables and fruit and the next anyone would think I've offered him poison! I have been trying to encourage more healthy eating in our house but rather than just shoving vegetables and fruit in everyone's faces I've got them involved.

Pick Your Own
To make eating fruit more fun I like to take Jared to pick his own fruit, which of course
he eats as he picks. We have a really great pyo strawberry farm near us so we always go there. We also go blackberry picking in the wild as he calls it, free fruit and free fun.

Grow Your Own
Jared has a strong interest in gardening, he has a gardening set and really enjoys spending time planting seeds. I bought him some seeds for a variety of vegetables which he couldn't wait to plant. These won't be ready for a while yet but it teaches Jared about the process while he waits.

Make Fruit Fun
We know it's good for us and we drill that into our kids as well. Anything that is good for just isn't as fun as having sweets and chocolates. We love making fruit kebab sticks, cutting fruit into fun shapes and adding fruit into water or jelly.

Vegetable Disguise
Yep just like it says. I hide them in their food for when I really can't get them totaled a bite. A fab disguise is if they are having fish finger or chicken nuggets then you can buy the veggie ones so you can pop 2 chicken/fish and 2 veggie.

Any way you find best to encourage healthier eating in children?

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