Sunday, 23 July 2017

Diggerland Catleford Review

So a few weeks ago we were selected to visit Diggerland. I have been with Jared before but it was Liams first visit so he will be writing the review :)

The nearest Diggerland to us is around 15 minutes away but oddly enough we have never actually been as a family before. We had 2 adult and 2 kids tickets so Jared brought along his friend Nicholas. When we drove up to the car park we drove past lots of diggers all painted to look as though they have faces which got the kids all excited (on account of us keeping the day trip a secret) Once we had parked we walked up to the entrance to be greeted by the official Digger Land mascots, Duggy & Dotty.

When we went into the park it was a JCB lovers paradise. With 21 different rides and activities to do it is safe to say we didn't know where to start. We decided to start at the very back and work out way back to the exit. The first ride we went on was the train that took you through a dinosaur & gnome wood. The kids got to sit in their own carts with little steering wheels which added to the excitement for them.

From there is was onto the Jungle Safari, You drive around an off road dirt track in a Jeep and try and spot jungle animals. Jared's first reaction was "WOW! It's like Jurassic Park" they loved it that much that they went on it twice!

From there it was onto the Groundshuttle. The digger raised you in the air then took you out to a dirt patch and started spinning around and driving at speed. I personally really enjoyed it, the kids... not so much (as you can see in the photo), it was hard to predict which was the digger would spin so was difficult to shift your body weight to make sure you didn't fall off the seat.

We made our way over to the Robots, our task was to manoeuvre  a little digger through a muddy track. It was much harder than it looked, you could feel the digger slipping around in the mud which meant you had to really concentrate to make sure you didn't get stuck. It was really good fun and the controls were simple enough to allow young children to take control of the vehicle.

Next to the robots were rows of excavators all with different mini games, you could dig for gold, try and hook a duck or try and knock down as many skittles as possible. We tried them all and my favourite was the skittles, you swung the ball using the diggers arm, almost like you would swing a wrecking ball. Jade took Nicholas on the hook a duck which looked tricky, trying to keep the hook still took a lot of skill and co-ordination.

I then went on a ride on my own. Neither of the kids wanted to go on the Skyshuttle that raises you 50feet in the air. The view from the top was outstanding however I wouldn't recommend it to anyone scared of heights. I was sat on the edge and it is a little nerve wracking seeing the ground get further and further away.

We took a ride in a back hoe over the mud field and even went for a swing in the digging scoops before driving around in the dumper trucks  There is also a little play area for younger kids which has little tykes cars, water tables, go karts and there is also a big indoor play area for if the weather turns mid-way through your day out.

The best bit about Diggerland is that all the rides and activities are free except of the coin operated go karts and dodgems. In terms of value for money it is great, you can taken your own picnic in to save money on food and if you kid or partner leave Diggerland thinking their not a professional digger operator then they are lying. You can check Diggerland out here which includes prices and locations. They have 5 sites throughout the UK.

Overall we loved our day out, The activities we fun, the staff were great and if you got on a ride and it was just you waiting on it they would just set off rather than wait for a full ride which meant you were never really waiting to set off long.

Disclaimer: tickets for Diggerland were sent to ourselves for free. This has not influenced my opinion on the attraction.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Modern Day Mothers

Today whilst Eryn-Rose slept sweetly on my lap I found myself watching TV, something which is a rarity for a weekday daytime. I got sucked into ITV's This Morning and they had a phone in for Mothers who were basically struggling, something I can certainly relate to. However when I came it across the discussion on their facebook post I was disgusted at some of the comments. It was a cross between world's biggest sob story and a 'get over it' attitude. Woman saying how their Grandma trekked half way across the country with 10 kids worked and still managed to have a clean house and tea on the table by 5. Well hats off to you Grandma's!

The thing is people are so quick to drag others down. Back in the 50's and 60's life was different and spending time with your children wasn't a huge thing and life was considered good as long as you had food on the table. Women didn't necessarily have to work either depending on the other half's wage. When I was growing up things weren't too bad I was brought up by just my mum for the first ten years of my life, she worked and we got by. When she married my step dad and we became a family and my mum had two children we did ok my Dad worked full time and my Mum worked part time or not at all. Now in this day and age every couple/family I know both parents work full time.

Mothers and equally Fathers struggle in life today managing family life alongside work. Many of the comments I read suggested that women were just struggling to keep on top of the housework and that these struggling mothers should simply just get on with it. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm finding life pretty tough right now. I have just returned work having had to reduce my hours as they couldn't offer me full time flexible hours, meaning we have lost £1000 a month. On top of that I have training I need to do at home as I don't have time to complete it at work, the car needs a lot of repairs (again), we have credit cards to pay back after having to use them to survive and fix the car, childcare issues because I do not have £5.50 per hour per child spare, medical issues that I have to try and fit appointments in around school runs and work, emotional issues regarding everything going on and my children and the lack of time I seem to have for them, oh and lets not forget the shopping, cleaning, washing and cooking. Have I missed anything off??

I was so angry reading some of those comments because they just assume they know everything about a person and think well if I can do it I don't see why they can't.
Why in 2017 do we feel it is ok to have this attitude?
Why do we feel that we need the biggest triumph and sob story?
Why can't we just help a damn mother or father that just needs that little bit of help?

I don't really know what more I can say other than please for the love of God, stop being a horrible human being. If you can't or don't have anything nice or supportive to say then don't say anything because your negative attitude could be the reason someone takes their own life!

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