Monday, 17 April 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 17/04/2017

I took a break last week. I really needed to just be away from everything as the stress levels are building. Something that I can't see ending anytime soon, my maternity is coming to an end and my job is well not my job anymore. I have so much planned that I need to research and get as many people to speak about their experiences so that I can write these well formed blog posts about childcare, work and how in life you either have to choose a career or a family.
This week it is my birthday and we are away from Wednesday so I'm hoping my scheduled posts go live when they are suppose to, as we are away the menu is a very rough guide from Wednesday. Enjoy.

Monday: Chicken with mashed potatoes, veg and Yorkshire puddings.
Tuesday: Pasta bake with garlic bread.
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Eating out for my birthday
Friday: Cottage pie
Saturday: McDonalds or KFC
Sunday: Fish and chips

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