Friday, 28 April 2017

Top 5 Things To Do Before Returning To Work

My maternity leave is coming to an end. This is something I knew was coming and had time to think about, having that time really hasn't made it any easier though. As I can't return back to my original place of work I will be returning to a new work site with a new manager and new colleagues. So in a sense it is like starting a whole new job! I don't feel ready to leave my baby and I know I'm going to miss things and this makes me sad so I was thinking of ways I could deal with returning to work to make it easier for not just me but for Eryn-Rose.

1. Routine
For months now you will have had a routine that fits well with you and baby. Now it's time to start thinking of a new routine that adds going to work into the mix. Think of what time you need to leave the house take into account getting your baby to the childcare provider. Also make sure the person who is looking after your baby knows of any nap times and meal times as this will really help your baby with the change, as it won't affect their known routine too much.

2. Home life 
When returning to work you will have less time to do homely things. So preparing lunches and meals the night before are great, pick a day which is best to do your weekly shop and if possible try and go after work maybe see if there is a day that whoever is watching your baby can have them for a little bit longer than usual and if not shopping online is a great time saver. Housework can tend to be forgotten when you are work, although nobody is in all causing a mess the dust soon builds up. If you have a partner try and share the chores out between you.

3. Check In
Mum guilt is most likely going to set in and you may get anxiety, so arrange a time (on your lunch break) to either have a quick chat with the person watching your baby or send them a text. Over time it will get easier but for the few weeks it's hard, after all you have probably not spent much time away from your little one.
4. You Time
Yes you have been at work all day and the hoovering needs doing and you want to play peek-a-boo and read a book while they fall asleep but you need to have some you time. This I think is so important and something I struggled with when I went back to work after having my son but it is needed. Go for a walk or sit and read a book for an hour or on a weekend go out with the girls and be you. You are not just a mum or an employee you are your own person too.

5. Dummy Run 
This probably should be higher up on the list but although I think it's good to get a dummy run in I know it's not always doable. I think doing a dummy run is a great way of being able to work out if the times you think will work, will work! I always over estimate how long getting somewhere will take so I'm always sat that scrolling through facebook waiting for 10am to tick on by. Good job I bought a unicorn drinks flask so I could have coffee with that scroll.

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