Sunday, 30 April 2017

Little Mouse Helps Out: Book Review

Children in England have a less than positive attitude towards reading than in other countries, only 26% of 10 year-olds 'like reading' compared to 46% in Portugal, 42% in Georgia, 35% in Romania and 33% in Azerbaijan. My son currently loves reading and I hope this is something that will continue, we read with him at least once a day and I know that he reads at schools. It is upsetting to know that most children do not read or enjoy reading on a daily basis. For me tucking your child into bed a grabbing a book to read is second nature, it's part of that 'perfect' mother image. You see it in all the films too. 

We have a few book shelves in our house, one for Jared-David, one for me and soon one for Eryn-Rose. The newest addition to Jared-David's book shelf is a book called 'Little Mouse Helps Out' by Riikka Jantti. On first glance of the book the illustration caught my eye and reminded me of books from when I was a child. Riikka Jantti is also the illustrator which I think is great as it captures the look of what the author wanted the character's to look like. I also like that the pictures aren't really modern to the point you know everything was digitally created. 

When it came to reading the book I snuggled up with the kids on the sofa. After reading the first few pages Jared-David said 'mummy did you write this book?' I explained to him that I didn't and asked him why he thought that. Jared-David then explained that what was happening in the book is like what happens at home with us. For example there is a part in the story where the mouse is trying to get his own drink and it spills everywhere and although the mouse looks a bit upset mummy mouse says 'That's all right' and cleans it up. The more we read the more we could relate which is why this is now a firm favourite in our house. 

I think the story is one that many families can relate to and I find when reading to Jared-David if a book is relate able or just really 'awesome' then it keeps them interested. If a child is interested then they are more likely to learn to love to read. We truly loved this story and will be getting more stories from Riikka Jantti, 


Friday, 28 April 2017

Top 5 Things To Do Before Returning To Work

My maternity leave is coming to an end. This is something I knew was coming and had time to think about, having that time really hasn't made it any easier though. As I can't return back to my original place of work I will be returning to a new work site with a new manager and new colleagues. So in a sense it is like starting a whole new job! I don't feel ready to leave my baby and I know I'm going to miss things and this makes me sad so I was thinking of ways I could deal with returning to work to make it easier for not just me but for Eryn-Rose.

1. Routine
For months now you will have had a routine that fits well with you and baby. Now it's time to start thinking of a new routine that adds going to work into the mix. Think of what time you need to leave the house take into account getting your baby to the childcare provider. Also make sure the person who is looking after your baby knows of any nap times and meal times as this will really help your baby with the change, as it won't affect their known routine too much.

2. Home life 
When returning to work you will have less time to do homely things. So preparing lunches and meals the night before are great, pick a day which is best to do your weekly shop and if possible try and go after work maybe see if there is a day that whoever is watching your baby can have them for a little bit longer than usual and if not shopping online is a great time saver. Housework can tend to be forgotten when you are work, although nobody is in all causing a mess the dust soon builds up. If you have a partner try and share the chores out between you.

3. Check In
Mum guilt is most likely going to set in and you may get anxiety, so arrange a time (on your lunch break) to either have a quick chat with the person watching your baby or send them a text. Over time it will get easier but for the few weeks it's hard, after all you have probably not spent much time away from your little one.
4. You Time
Yes you have been at work all day and the hoovering needs doing and you want to play peek-a-boo and read a book while they fall asleep but you need to have some you time. This I think is so important and something I struggled with when I went back to work after having my son but it is needed. Go for a walk or sit and read a book for an hour or on a weekend go out with the girls and be you. You are not just a mum or an employee you are your own person too.

5. Dummy Run 
This probably should be higher up on the list but although I think it's good to get a dummy run in I know it's not always doable. I think doing a dummy run is a great way of being able to work out if the times you think will work, will work! I always over estimate how long getting somewhere will take so I'm always sat that scrolling through facebook waiting for 10am to tick on by. Good job I bought a unicorn drinks flask so I could have coffee with that scroll.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Teether Clothing: Princess Lace Baby Sunsuit

When it comes to baby clothing I get so excited! Even more so now that I have a little girl. Eryn-Rose has a wide variety of clothing from all varying in style and price. When I look for her clothing I love little independent retailers, I find that they often have super cute items that can help make your little one have a little stand out from the crowd. After all how many people do you see wearing the same outfit that your baby owns?

The people over at sent Eryn-Rose a gorgeous sunsuit. I have to say I was so impressed with this piece of clothing, on first glance at the website you would think that the sunsuit would be kind of thin as it is lace. Under the lace pattern is a lining, it's a bit like a vest covered in a beautiful lace design. The only part that doesn't have an under layer is on the arms but I personally think that would spoil the design.

The lace baby sunsuit comes in white. As a parent I know white is a colour to avoid on children so I tried my best to make sure no food was spilt on it. Unfortunately food did get on it and it was orange food (lasagne), I whipped it off her and popped some stain remover on and threw it in the machine. I was so glad that I had already taken some pictures as I thought that was it, brilliant white was gone. However after it had dried I realised it had survived! Mum - 1 Lasagne - 0. I must say it washed really well and I washed it on my normal cycle, I can't say how it copes with a tumble dryer as I don't own one.

The lace baby sunsuit comes in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18. I have teamed this sunsuit up with shorts and skirts mostly but I think a nice pair of leggings or jeans would look equally as nice. You can purchase this for £9.99 which is such a good price. If you aren't a fan of this why not have a look at their other clothing for both boys and girls you will not be disappointed.

Please note: We were sent this item for free for the purpose of a review, this in no way influences the opinions expressed in the review. This is Jade's Journey's honest opinion of the item. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 24/04/2017

Half term is over, back to school they go. I hope you all had a great half term we certainly did, it was packed full of fun we even got some sunshine. So it was my birthday last week which we were away for, I ate way too much naughty foods too. I got some lovely gifts and really enjoyed spending time with family we don't get to see very often. I have a really exciting announcement which deserves a post all to itself so keep an eye out for that which I might get finished to post later on today but if not it will be up tomorrow. On with the food take a look at what we will be eating this week. 

Monday - Pasta bake with garlic bread. 
Tuesday - Jerk chicken with slimming world chips, corn on the cob and salad. 
Wednesday - Turkey stir fry. 
Thursday - Jacket potato. 
Friday - Chicken curry with rice. 
Saturday - Lasagna and salad. 
Sunday - Sausages, mash, veg, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. 

Would love to see what you are having this week. 

Monday, 17 April 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 17/04/2017

I took a break last week. I really needed to just be away from everything as the stress levels are building. Something that I can't see ending anytime soon, my maternity is coming to an end and my job is well not my job anymore. I have so much planned that I need to research and get as many people to speak about their experiences so that I can write these well formed blog posts about childcare, work and how in life you either have to choose a career or a family.
This week it is my birthday and we are away from Wednesday so I'm hoping my scheduled posts go live when they are suppose to, as we are away the menu is a very rough guide from Wednesday. Enjoy.

Monday: Chicken with mashed potatoes, veg and Yorkshire puddings.
Tuesday: Pasta bake with garlic bread.
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Eating out for my birthday
Friday: Cottage pie
Saturday: McDonalds or KFC
Sunday: Fish and chips

Friday, 7 April 2017

Run Down

Do you ever get to that point where you just feel so run down?

That is exactly how I feel at the minute. I have so much that I need to sort and no time to do any of it or it's something that I can't control. Last week I had a lot going on I had Doctor appointments which I thought would be something of nothing and now it turns out I could have a few things but they can't tell me until they re-test again in 3-6 months!! That for me is a long time to worry about something and it really hurt when the the Doctor called me fat! I'm trying my hardest what more do they want?

Another thing that is really getting to me is work. I'm due to go back to work on the 29th of May, however I don't even know if I will be going back. I have been trying for month to sort out flexible working hours so that I can arrange affordable childcare. I explained to my manager and HR that I needed this sorting asap as childcare is hard to find and that the hours I'm due to go back to I physically can not do (3:15pm-11pm sleep there 8am-3:30pm 5 days over 7). I find out Monday in a meeting if they will accept my flexible working hours that I submitted which still leaves me struggling for childcare as they have left it far too late, my son's school has a year waiting list for after school club and the nursery has no space for my daughter. I have looked at childminders but the cost is way out of my price range and made me realise I'm defiantly in the wrong job.

My kids are being a bit testing as of late which too is causing me a lot of stress and the feeling of just giving up! I'm finding less and less time for myself these day which although I don't mind when it comes to spending time with the boyfriend I just want to go to sleep as I'm exhausted. Saying that I have picked up a few hobbies, crochet and sewing. I'm finding my blog is getting neglected a little which is upsetting as I love writing this little blog of mine and hope to get it more noticed. I don't want to be the next blogger with a book deal and giving up my job but I would like to get a few more readers and sustain a better traffic flow and talk with more PR people. I want to write more risky topics about family life, you know the stuff that most people won't mention in case it paints them in a bad light. I'm currently working on a piece about swearing in front and at your children and if it actually makes a difference to them, I don't think it does if I'm honest.

So that is all I just wanted to get something out there something that says I'm ok I'm still here but I'm just run down and have no time. I have a few reviews coming up and a giveaway.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 03/04/2017

I wasn't aware that this post didn't go live when it was scheduled to, got to love technology!
This week I have joined the Gym which is something I really needed to do as my medical issues seem to come down to the extra weight I have. I'm not going to lie having a doctor tell you you have these problems because you are fat is very hurtful, I'm also really angry about this! Not that I was called fat I can take that I'm not delusional I'm angry because although I'm overweight I'm not extremely overweight. I weigh just over 13 stone and wear a size 14 personally I don't think that is too bad considering I also had a baby 7 months ago. Anyway enough about my flab take a look at what I eating this week.

Monday: Roast chicken, mash potatoes veg and gravy
Tuesday: Jacket potato cheese and beans
Wednesday: Spag bowl
Thursday: Chicken Kiev with pasta in sauce
Friday: Salad with grilled turkey
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Sausage, mash and yorkie puds!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Temple Spa Offers

So if you read my post a few weeks back you may know that I have become a consultant for Temple Spa, if you didn't read it then you can have a read here. In this post I wanted to just give you all a look at this month's great offers and also I'm giving you an opportunity to win Silent Night which is a collection of calming products to help relax and induce sleep.
I will first tell you about what we have on offer this month:
Windows Of The Soul is on offer this month if you buy one (£29) you get one free. This eye gel-cream is amazing (see before and after below) now this is a really good deal and is expected to sell out quickly so please do get your orders in ASAP!!

Something I am offering this month is the chance to buy a collection which are only ever offered when you attend a Temple Spa class. To purchase one of these collections you would have to message me through my facebook page as they will not be available through my website because as stated they are only offered through a class. The collections are a great way to get you started with the products and with a skin regime, if you don't already have one that is. Each of the collections are heavily discounted too which is great and they all come with a freebie!

Super Starter Collection 
Value £99 Save £30 Pay £69
Choose any cleanser get toning essence moisturiser and then you get any mask for free. You can choose to upgrade where you would get Trufflesque free instead of the other mask and you would pay £92 for this.
Radiance Collection 
Value £149 Save £40 Pay £109
With this collection you would get two Windows Of The Soul but only this month. This collection contains my favourite product free which is Repose. 
It's All About Me Collection 
Value £248 Save £83 Pay £165
This collection offers the best discount and contains everything you need to keep your skin looking amazing and you feeling refreshed and relaxed. With this you get any cleaner, mask and moisturiser free. 

If you fancy a chance at getting the Silent Night gift set then all you need to do is purchase any product from my Temple Spa website ( it needs to be my website otherwise I will not be able to verify your purchase and enter you into the draw. If you would like to purchase a collection you will need to do this through me via my facebook page or leave me a comment below with your email address and I will email you. Once you have made your purchase just fill out the rafflecoptor form and you will be added into the draw. 

For any information on any of the products, hosting classes or becoming a consultant then please just ask. I wish you all good luck. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T's & C's: The giveaway will end at midnight on 30th April. To be entered into the draw you must have made a purchase on and not via the mainstream website. Additional purchases can be made. The winner will be selected at random via rafflecoptor and will then be notified by email within 48 hours. The prize will be sent straight to the winner (if out of stock the winner will be informed and an alternative supplied) there is NO cash alternative. UK residents only.