Monday, 6 March 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 06/03/2017

Is it just me that thinks the months are flying by?
This month I have been a bit lazy with my blog and haven't got as many posts up as I had planned. To be honest I've been having a bit of a crappy time lately. The car has decided it wants to have an oil leak again and stop the back window wiper from working. Our washing machine broke on us, I had a disagreement with my manager and we are having on going problems with our ex landlord. Plus both kids were ill last week. I have a few posts planned for this month, two reviews an update on Eryn-Rose plus a Oh My Blog post you can read last months here.

Monday: Grilled chicken with slimming world chips, salad and corn on the cob. 
Tuesday: Gammon with new potatoes
Wednesday: Beef stew
Thursday: Burrito's 
Friday: Turkey skewers with chips and salad
Saturday: Pasta bake
Sunday: Roast beef with everything. 

What are you eating this week? leave me a comment or link below.

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