Friday, 3 February 2017

What I Have Watched

I'm making the most of TV time whilst I'm on maternity leave. I have binged watched many shows as of late and thought it might make a good monthly post. I find reading about what other's watch can often help me decide if it's going to be something that I'm going to like. So what have I been watching during January, well for a week anyway.

Band Of Brothers
Series: 1
Episodes: 10

Band of Brothers was originally shown on TV in 2001 so I'm well behind jumping on this band wagon. When I began watching I thought I had mistakenly put on a documentary as there were these old gentlemen telling stories. I soon realised that I was about to watch their stories, this automatically made me feel more emotionally connected. Knowing that these were the real situation's of these men and not some story based on historic facts. 

What It's About
The miniseries follows the story of one division of the 101st Airborne Division during WW2. The first episode take's you to the training day's of these brave young men during 1942. I was slightly lost watching the first two episode's as I was so used to follow a couple of main character's but with this you follow a the whole of E 'Easy' company. Of course there are prominent character's which become more clear as the series goes on. As the episode's continue you follow the company from D-Day right through to them celebrating the end of the war.

My Thoughts
I found myself unable to stop watching. I couldn't wait to watch the next one and see how they got on and what the next operation was going to be. As I watched I found myself having my favourite character's and with each episode hoped they would be safe and live. Of course I'm not naive and knew that not all of them would make it, it was upsetting to watch them die knowing that these were real people. Brave men some of whom were barely out of school. 

If you have an interest in WW2 then I would highly recommend you watch this. I found myself looking up the men after watching. On the last episode they talk about what some of them did after the war had ended. I found myself looking up these men, I wanted to know that they had a happy and full life. 

There are many well known actors in this miniseries.
Damian Lewis most recently known for his roles in Homeland and Wolf Hall. 
Scott Grimes whose voice you may recognise from American Dad and Family Guy 
Michael Cudlitz who also played Sgt Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead 
Neal McDonough from Arrow and Suits. 
Just to name a few. 

Have you watched this miniseries? Can you recommend a good a binge watch for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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