Monday, 27 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 27/02/2017

Well this week should be fun (hint of sarcasm). I was really looking forward to this week as I only have half a pound to lose and I will get my half a stone award at slimming world. Thursday was a bit of a disaster as dinner went completely wrong so we ended up having to have Pizza. Saturday was such a bad day our washing machine broke and then when we were at a birthday party I had a phone call from my dad who needed to go to AnE as he sliced some of his finger off with a Stanley knife, my friend had to take him as I was stuck over 30mins away and my mum was at work and had no phone. That night we couldn't have what we had planned for our meal so I made a fried rice and we had some chicken with it. On Sunday Eryn had been stressing me out and when we were at my mum's (doing washing) we stayed for a roast dinner I then ate a slice of cheesecake (syn overload!!). The only thing I did positive at the weekend was spend around 3-4 hours at the GYM. Today when I was woken up at 5am Eryn was grumpy and she is still grumpy plus Jared now has chicken pox so I can see this week being a bad one when it comes to slimming world.

Monday: Steak with chips and beans
Tuesday: Sweet and sour turkey with egg fried rice
Wednesday: Jacket potato with chilli
Thursday: Stir fry 
Friday: Cottage pie
Saturday: Pasta bake 
Sunday: Sausage, mash and a load of veg

I hope some of that has tickled your taste buds. 

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