Monday, 6 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan 06/02/2017

It is the start of February and the start of a new week. Last weeks meals were a bit of a disaster one of the slimming world recipes we tried wasn't very nice, we all pushed it around our plates. Jared then declared he was full which prompted Liam and I to say 'yep me too'. So this week's meal plan consists of a few slow cooker recipes, which I can't wait to try as I have been spending what feels like hours preparing these so called quick family favs.

Monday: Slow cooker lasagne I might syn myself some garlic bread with this. 
Tuesday: Flicked bean chilli with rice (this is a recipe I found here)
Wednesday: Potato crust pie with veg
Thursday: Chicken Tikka with rice 
Friday: Creamy sausage pasta 
Saturday: KFC style chicken with chips, beans and corn on the cob
Sunday: Beef and bean hotpot (again!! yes because it's so damn good)

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