Sunday, 12 February 2017

Weaning Products I Love

When it comes to weaning it can be a bit daunting. The rules of what to give them and when to give it to them seem to change from one year to the next, then of course you have friends and family telling you how they did and not to listen to this or that. With Jared I will admit I didn't really have a clue what I was doing which resulting in a lot of mess most of the time. I was unsure if I was under feeding him or over feeding him, expensive organic foods were recommended by health visitors but I couldn't afford many of the prices at the time.

I can't tell you what to feed your child but I can tell you about some weaning products I use that have made the weaning process a little easier for us.

Splash Mats These are so handy to have we have a few of them. We pop this under the highchair or activity centre which ever one we are feeing her in and then if she decides to throw anything it doesn't ruin the carpet or make the kitchen floor a mess. The other thing we use these for is when we are doing crafts with glitter paint and glue. 

Spoons Obviously you will need spoons we really love the Nuby spoons as the handles are long and the spoon is more curved which makes feeding Eryn so much easier as I'm not trying to tilt the spoon to get it in her mouth when she decides to have a look around during food time. The colours are also nice and bright which grabs her attention. 

Bowls With Lids We have tons of bowls of all different shapes and sizes, however I love the bowls with lids. If I make Eryn some food then I can just pop the lid on and either place it in the freezer of in the fridge if she will be eating it later in the day. When we go out places I can pop a rusk in there for safe keeping keeping it from going soft. Another bonus for when we are out is she might not eat it all and if there is no where for me to empty it and clean it out I can just pop the lid on and save that job for when we get home. 

Non Spill Cups There are a few cups which are non-spill the Munchkin one is one of the more popular choices. Eryn isn't fully ready for this yet but we gave it a little try and it ended up on the floor and didn't leak, thank god! Jared was a nightmare for hiding his drinking cups and when you found them there would be a nice wet patch, his favourite places included under the cushions on the sofa or in our bed. 

Bibs I have no idea how many bibs we own but we go through so many. Eryn has bibs to wear when she is having a bottle, dribble bibs and now we need catcher bibs. I made the mistake when I started weaning her of just using a normal bib great if the food isn't bright orange. The bibs that catch the food are so easy to clean plus less chance of dropping food everywhere. 

Netted Feeder I love these so much bonus being you can buy them in the pound shop. I popped a good wedge of cold apple into this and gave it to Eryn, she looked at me in disgust. Eryn is a little bit lazy when it comes to holding food but we are getting there, give her Sophie and she will hold and chew that all day. The reason I like these is because it not only helps with getting you little one used to holding food to eat but also prevents them from shoving a whole apple slice into their mouths and choking 2. they can help during teething. 

There are a few more products I could add to the list but I would like to give them their own review spot on the blog. 

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