Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Guardians Of OZ Review And Giveaway

As a family we enjoy nothing better then sitting down together and watching a film. It's something that we have been doing every Saturday for about a year, something I wanted to do to make sure we had that quality family time. Lately it has been a struggle to find a something that we haven't already seen and that we all agree on watching, Jared will watch anything as long as he has his snack.

This week we watched a something new called The Guardians Of OZ. As the title suggests it is based around the classic The Wizard Of Oz. Here is the outline of the film:

'Revisiting all our favourite characters - including the Lion, the Scarecrow and of course the Tin Man – this colourful new adventure is told through the eyes of one of the famous flying monkeys! The kind-hearted Ozzy has to join forces with the good (but cheeky) sorceress Gabby to thwart the evil attempts of wicked witch Eveline to rule over their fantastical land. By working together they discover that anything is possible…'

As soon as the film started it was clear by the animation that it was created by the same people who made The Book Of Life (one of our favourites). I was ready for all the singing and laughter that The Book Of Life brought us but sadly there was none with this, maybe the odd laugh here and there. I couldn't help but compare the films and then think to how The Wizard Of Oz had singing in, I think a song or two would of made this film a lot better as towards the end Jared's attention was drawn to asking silly question about monkey's and witches. 

The Guardian's Of Oz will be available to buy from the 13th of February for £9.99 which I think is a reasonable price. You can watch the trailer here and if you like what you see enter the rafflecoptor for your chance to win a copy. 

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