Monday, 27 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 27/02/2017

Well this week should be fun (hint of sarcasm). I was really looking forward to this week as I only have half a pound to lose and I will get my half a stone award at slimming world. Thursday was a bit of a disaster as dinner went completely wrong so we ended up having to have Pizza. Saturday was such a bad day our washing machine broke and then when we were at a birthday party I had a phone call from my dad who needed to go to AnE as he sliced some of his finger off with a Stanley knife, my friend had to take him as I was stuck over 30mins away and my mum was at work and had no phone. That night we couldn't have what we had planned for our meal so I made a fried rice and we had some chicken with it. On Sunday Eryn had been stressing me out and when we were at my mum's (doing washing) we stayed for a roast dinner I then ate a slice of cheesecake (syn overload!!). The only thing I did positive at the weekend was spend around 3-4 hours at the GYM. Today when I was woken up at 5am Eryn was grumpy and she is still grumpy plus Jared now has chicken pox so I can see this week being a bad one when it comes to slimming world.

Monday: Steak with chips and beans
Tuesday: Sweet and sour turkey with egg fried rice
Wednesday: Jacket potato with chilli
Thursday: Stir fry 
Friday: Cottage pie
Saturday: Pasta bake 
Sunday: Sausage, mash and a load of veg

I hope some of that has tickled your taste buds. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Why Breast Isn't Always Best

When I was pregnant with Jared-David I hadn't really decided that I didn't want to breastfed anyway when it came to him being born 12 weeks early the choice was kind of made for me. I expressed milk for him for when he was a bit older and could take milk but it was hard and my milk supply just wasn't that great and I knew I had to stop. The midwives were great and fully supported me on the decision, after all I wasn't feeding him I was expressing freezing then watching a midwife tube feed him. His formula milk was on prescription as it wasn't available to buy over the counter.

With Eryn-Rose I fully planned on breastfeeding her, I bought a pump so I could express so Liam could help with feeds. I bought shawls so I could feel more comfortable feeding out in public. When she was born I got her to latch on and everything was going well at first. Once home I had a baby that wanted feeding every hour, I had no sleep and then to top it all off I got mastitis. I was really ill with it and could barely open my eyes let alone feed Eryn-Rose, we switched to formula. I had joined a few groups and it's funny as soon as you explain your situation everyone jumps at you and not all things are positive. In fact they were mainly negative comments like "Formula babies are more likely to die it's selfish to stop" "I had mastitis and I fed through it so don't see what your problem is" etc etc. This is what prompted me to write this post.

Breastfeeding might be the best milk for babies but it isn't always the best choice for you and your family. Thanks to science formula milk is so much better now then what it was many years ago so never feel pressured into breastfeeding. There are many things to consider before deciding how you are going to feed your baby below I have put a few points down that I think needs to be thought about before making your choice.

  • Mastitis -  This can happen during breastfeeding and it is so painful, when Eryn-Rose was latching on I would bite down and once bit my lip and drew blood. I literally wanted to rip my tit off! You can find more information about it here. Mine turned into an abscess and to have this removed I had to have a needle jabbed into my boob. 
  • Expressing - It is a great way to get Dad involved and means you can have a break, but some babies just won't take a bottle if they are being breastfed. My friend's husband has to feed their baby via syringe when she goes out as baby will just not take a bottle, they have tried over 15 different bottles. 
  • Sleep - The first weeks you live on the adrenaline of having this new bundle of joy in your life, then the lack of sleep creeps in. Like I mentioned above Eryn-Rose wanted boobie milk every hour and maybe it would of changed if I didn't stop but then I speak to other parents who breastfeed and say how their baby is basically attached to them all day long. Just because a book says a baby will want a feed every 3-4 hours doesn't mean that is what baby will want. 
  • You Time -  You have had a baby and if you have other kids the chances of you time or time spent with your partner will become pretty non-existent. So boyfriend has offered to watch the kids while you just pop to a friends house for a catch up even if it is for an hour. But you need to make sure you time it around feeding unless you are expressing and baby will take a bottle. 
  • Life - Yep your whole life will be around baby which it will be anyway. For me it was a case of planning and timing everything that I did and I felt like my son was missing out on a lot of mummy time as I always had Eryn-Rose with me to feed her so I was telling him to wait for a cuddle, read a book, look at a picture etc. 
  • Dad - Everyone always asks the women what they want, but what about Dad! His opinion should count too. I think we expect men to just accept what we choose to do but then when they don't help out we are very quick to shout and scream at them. How can expect Dad to bond?
Please do not confuse my post with parenting bashing as it is far from that. I just think when midwives and other care professionals discuss feeding with expectant mothers all they cover is the health benefits. They do not discuss any of the above. I find that some breastfeeding mothers seem to think they are superior when it comes to their babies as they breastfeed and therefore are a better parent. Which of course is total rubbish, every parent is the best parent they can be for their child. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 20/02/2017

Half Term is over and normality and routine resume. I skipped slimming world last week as I didn't fancy dragging both kids with me, I did weight myself at boots and according to their scales I have gained half a pound which I'm happy with as it was my star week and I did pig out a bit on the chocolate. This weeks meal plan is subject to change because later on today I find out if my gestational diabetes has stuck around leaving me with Type 2 and also it's back to school and come Wednesday I could be more zombie like, talking of zombies The Walking Dead came back last week which meant I needed snack food, banana's it was.

Monday - Chicken rice and salad
Tuesday - Pork chops, new potatoes, corn on the cob and salad
Wednesday - Lasagne and chips (slimming world of course)
Thursday - Beef and bean hotpot
Friday - Egg fried rice and sweet and sour chicken
Saturday - Pizza (we are at kids party all day)
Sunday - slow cooked beef, mash and veg

What are you eating this week?

Monday, 13 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: 13/02/2017

I joined slimming world three weeks ago. During the last three weeks we have changed our eating habits so much, I'm not going to lie I have found it difficult someday's like when my son is nagging for chocolate whilst the baby is screaming and all I want to do is hide under the table with some cake. In my first week I lost 3lbs I was so happy my second week was a disaster with food but I managed another loss of 1 and a half pounds. This week as it is half term I can't go to get weighed and stay for group which maybe isn't such a bad thing as I'm beginning to feel myself wanting to know my weight every few days and being really concious of what I eat, which is not going to help. I have to enjoy the changes I make or else it will not work.

Below is this weeks meal plan.

Monday: Roast chicken with new potatoes and vegetables. 
Tuesday: Steak and slimming world chips with salad, corn on the cob and barbecue beans.
Wednesday: Grilled chicken with pasta feta salad. 
Thursday: Jacket Potato with beans and cheese. 
Friday: Gammon, egg and chips.
Saturday: Chilli and ginger beef stir fry. 
Sunday: Potato bake. 

I plan on making some bubble and squeak cakes to go with Mondays dinner. As I'm on slimming world I'm also trying to find a way of making a tasty free or very low syn cake, I know there are a few recipes but hopefully I can come up with something. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Weaning Products I Love

When it comes to weaning it can be a bit daunting. The rules of what to give them and when to give it to them seem to change from one year to the next, then of course you have friends and family telling you how they did and not to listen to this or that. With Jared I will admit I didn't really have a clue what I was doing which resulting in a lot of mess most of the time. I was unsure if I was under feeding him or over feeding him, expensive organic foods were recommended by health visitors but I couldn't afford many of the prices at the time.

I can't tell you what to feed your child but I can tell you about some weaning products I use that have made the weaning process a little easier for us.

Splash Mats These are so handy to have we have a few of them. We pop this under the highchair or activity centre which ever one we are feeing her in and then if she decides to throw anything it doesn't ruin the carpet or make the kitchen floor a mess. The other thing we use these for is when we are doing crafts with glitter paint and glue. 

Spoons Obviously you will need spoons we really love the Nuby spoons as the handles are long and the spoon is more curved which makes feeding Eryn so much easier as I'm not trying to tilt the spoon to get it in her mouth when she decides to have a look around during food time. The colours are also nice and bright which grabs her attention. 

Bowls With Lids We have tons of bowls of all different shapes and sizes, however I love the bowls with lids. If I make Eryn some food then I can just pop the lid on and either place it in the freezer of in the fridge if she will be eating it later in the day. When we go out places I can pop a rusk in there for safe keeping keeping it from going soft. Another bonus for when we are out is she might not eat it all and if there is no where for me to empty it and clean it out I can just pop the lid on and save that job for when we get home. 

Non Spill Cups There are a few cups which are non-spill the Munchkin one is one of the more popular choices. Eryn isn't fully ready for this yet but we gave it a little try and it ended up on the floor and didn't leak, thank god! Jared was a nightmare for hiding his drinking cups and when you found them there would be a nice wet patch, his favourite places included under the cushions on the sofa or in our bed. 

Bibs I have no idea how many bibs we own but we go through so many. Eryn has bibs to wear when she is having a bottle, dribble bibs and now we need catcher bibs. I made the mistake when I started weaning her of just using a normal bib great if the food isn't bright orange. The bibs that catch the food are so easy to clean plus less chance of dropping food everywhere. 

Netted Feeder I love these so much bonus being you can buy them in the pound shop. I popped a good wedge of cold apple into this and gave it to Eryn, she looked at me in disgust. Eryn is a little bit lazy when it comes to holding food but we are getting there, give her Sophie and she will hold and chew that all day. The reason I like these is because it not only helps with getting you little one used to holding food to eat but also prevents them from shoving a whole apple slice into their mouths and choking 2. they can help during teething. 

There are a few more products I could add to the list but I would like to give them their own review spot on the blog. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Oh My Blog February

This is Oh My Blog! A brand new monthly interview series featuring a whole host of fellow bloggers. Each month, we’ll be bringing you different themed posts showcasing the very best bloggers out there. This month, the questions are based on the fitting February topic of love!

This month, we’re meeting Jade from Mummies Waiting. 

1. Tell us about yourself and your blog. 
Hello! I'm Jade i'm a mum to two wonderful little princesses (though they will tell you they're big, not little) Kairi aged 3 and NaminĂ© aged 2. We live at our home in Ely along with their dad, my husband Ryan and our miniature poodle Coco. I'm with the girls full time, learning and laughing. I also work self employed once a week for a few hours running a youth group and spend every second of spare time I have on my blog and YouTube channel (Mummies Waiting). I have a passion for Disney and travel and really enjoy writing about and filming our adventures and family life. 

2. What is your current relationship status?
 Very happily married to my husband Ryan - I still love saying that, HUSBAND! We've been together for almost 9 years now and I wouldn't change a second.

3. Do you ever celebrate Valentine's’ Day? 
Ha I love this one. I celebrate Valentine's Day, I'll buy him a card and gift and try to plan a nice dinner, however Ryan doesn't believe in these shop made celebrations, so he does not. 

4. It’s your first date! Where do you go? 
Our first date out was to Pizza Hut, we were around 16 and he brought his best friend and son with him. 

5. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? 
What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? Ryan brought me a teddy called Wyan Bear which he has delivered to me. It had a certificate, printed ribbon around his neck and a medal that all said he loves me. 

6. What is your favourite romantic film? 
Cheesier the better. I love Mannequin, I love how they fall in love even though it's different and no one believes it's true. 

7. Spill the beans! Who’s your celebrity crush? 
I'm not really into anyone in particular at the moment. I used to have a thing for Dec from Ant and Dec and I think Robert Downey Jr is good looking, Gerard Butler is pretty okay too. 

8. Flowers are pretty popular at this time of year. Do you like receiving them or do they really not float your boat? 
They're nice as a surprise, but I'd rather have a takeaway or a Yankee candle! 

9. Do you have children? Do you want any (or any more)? 
I have 2 children, both girls with Ryan and he has a son from his previous relationship. We will never say never, don't plan, don't protect is kind of the way we go. 

10. What would be (or was) your choice of song for your first dance at your wedding? 
Our first dance was The Book Of Love it was a song we both liked for different reasons and it just fit. 

11. Do you have any plans yet for Valentine’s Day 2017? 
No and I doubt we will even make any. My mum and sister are coming to visit the weekend so maybe we will get a chance to go out. 

12. Raw oysters are pretty famous for being an aphrodisiac. Have you ever tried them?
Haven't tried them, although I probably would. 13. Imagining money's no object, where would you go for a romantic getaway? Walt Disney World ha! It would be nice to visit just the two of us someday. 

14. What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received? 
I honestly don't have an answer to this one. 

15. Finally, what is the number one most important thing you value in a relationship? 
Honesty. Not only honestly to tell the truth but also the honest in being able to be yourself. 

If you want to find out more about Jade, head over to her blog and be sure to follow her on social media! 
Facebook Page: 
Twitter: Instagram: 

Oh My Blog!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan 06/02/2017

It is the start of February and the start of a new week. Last weeks meals were a bit of a disaster one of the slimming world recipes we tried wasn't very nice, we all pushed it around our plates. Jared then declared he was full which prompted Liam and I to say 'yep me too'. So this week's meal plan consists of a few slow cooker recipes, which I can't wait to try as I have been spending what feels like hours preparing these so called quick family favs.

Monday: Slow cooker lasagne I might syn myself some garlic bread with this. 
Tuesday: Flicked bean chilli with rice (this is a recipe I found here)
Wednesday: Potato crust pie with veg
Thursday: Chicken Tikka with rice 
Friday: Creamy sausage pasta 
Saturday: KFC style chicken with chips, beans and corn on the cob
Sunday: Beef and bean hotpot (again!! yes because it's so damn good)

Friday, 3 February 2017

What I Have Watched

I'm making the most of TV time whilst I'm on maternity leave. I have binged watched many shows as of late and thought it might make a good monthly post. I find reading about what other's watch can often help me decide if it's going to be something that I'm going to like. So what have I been watching during January, well for a week anyway.

Band Of Brothers
Series: 1
Episodes: 10

Band of Brothers was originally shown on TV in 2001 so I'm well behind jumping on this band wagon. When I began watching I thought I had mistakenly put on a documentary as there were these old gentlemen telling stories. I soon realised that I was about to watch their stories, this automatically made me feel more emotionally connected. Knowing that these were the real situation's of these men and not some story based on historic facts. 

What It's About
The miniseries follows the story of one division of the 101st Airborne Division during WW2. The first episode take's you to the training day's of these brave young men during 1942. I was slightly lost watching the first two episode's as I was so used to follow a couple of main character's but with this you follow a the whole of E 'Easy' company. Of course there are prominent character's which become more clear as the series goes on. As the episode's continue you follow the company from D-Day right through to them celebrating the end of the war.

My Thoughts
I found myself unable to stop watching. I couldn't wait to watch the next one and see how they got on and what the next operation was going to be. As I watched I found myself having my favourite character's and with each episode hoped they would be safe and live. Of course I'm not naive and knew that not all of them would make it, it was upsetting to watch them die knowing that these were real people. Brave men some of whom were barely out of school. 

If you have an interest in WW2 then I would highly recommend you watch this. I found myself looking up the men after watching. On the last episode they talk about what some of them did after the war had ended. I found myself looking up these men, I wanted to know that they had a happy and full life. 

There are many well known actors in this miniseries.
Damian Lewis most recently known for his roles in Homeland and Wolf Hall. 
Scott Grimes whose voice you may recognise from American Dad and Family Guy 
Michael Cudlitz who also played Sgt Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead 
Neal McDonough from Arrow and Suits. 
Just to name a few. 

Have you watched this miniseries? Can you recommend a good a binge watch for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Guardians Of OZ Review And Giveaway

As a family we enjoy nothing better then sitting down together and watching a film. It's something that we have been doing every Saturday for about a year, something I wanted to do to make sure we had that quality family time. Lately it has been a struggle to find a something that we haven't already seen and that we all agree on watching, Jared will watch anything as long as he has his snack.

This week we watched a something new called The Guardians Of OZ. As the title suggests it is based around the classic The Wizard Of Oz. Here is the outline of the film:

'Revisiting all our favourite characters - including the Lion, the Scarecrow and of course the Tin Man – this colourful new adventure is told through the eyes of one of the famous flying monkeys! The kind-hearted Ozzy has to join forces with the good (but cheeky) sorceress Gabby to thwart the evil attempts of wicked witch Eveline to rule over their fantastical land. By working together they discover that anything is possible…'

As soon as the film started it was clear by the animation that it was created by the same people who made The Book Of Life (one of our favourites). I was ready for all the singing and laughter that The Book Of Life brought us but sadly there was none with this, maybe the odd laugh here and there. I couldn't help but compare the films and then think to how The Wizard Of Oz had singing in, I think a song or two would of made this film a lot better as towards the end Jared's attention was drawn to asking silly question about monkey's and witches. 

The Guardian's Of Oz will be available to buy from the 13th of February for £9.99 which I think is a reasonable price. You can watch the trailer here and if you like what you see enter the rafflecoptor for your chance to win a copy. 

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